Comparing Composite vs Wood Decking: Which Is Better You Can Decide Accurately.

If you’ve decided it’s time to replace your outdoor deck, then the most burning question comes your mind – which is the best among the composite or wood decking? These problems might not come into your brain if you arrived on life in the last decade. You could determine wood decking boards with put close on eyes. But composite decking boards material improved notably in terms of structure, safety, and stability.

However, the battle between composite and wood decking materials has been the most talkative topic in current decades. Although the choice between relies on consumers’ personal preferences and budget, you can prefer the highest-quality decking as consumers.

In the case of taking the proper decision, the article provides you overall detailed information about composite and wooden decking. It has been divided into three parts for your convenience of understanding.

Part-1: Overview of Composite decking boards

What is composite decking boards?

Composite decking board materials are a blend of plastic polypropylene and wooden starch. In the real scenes, it is a stable eye-catching decking board, and these plastics work well with wood fibers to build more strength and resilient materials.

When you see the first time, it is difficult to distinguish between natural wood and composite for you. You can use composite decking boards at least 25-30 years without maintains. Indeed, its stability so higher causes composite decking 60-80% parts made by wood and other parts created by WPC (Polyethylene, UV-stabilisers, Pigments) materials.

The pros and cons of composite decking boards:

Pros: When you decide to purchase a natural wood look, long-lasting and gorgeous design decking board, composite decking is added for you with low maintenance costs. Indeed, composite decking color variation must attract you and don’t required to be painted or stained to match your home’s exterior. The composite decking board creates environmentally friendly materials, which you can use recycled materials.

One of the composite decking features is that with the increasing development of technology, manufacturers are continually working to make decking boards with hard plastic shells by improving durability. Even you can get the most popular mechanics like fading, scratching, and surface less prone to staining.

Cons: The stability cost of composite decking boards is comparatively more expensive than wood decking, which is 10-15% higher. However, composite decking looks like wooden decking, it’s not natural wood.

Part-2: Overviews of wood decking boards

What is wood decking boards?

Wood decking boards are made of high-quality and natural wood. Its popularity at peak even a few decades ago. But its maintenance is mandatory to increase its durability.

Indeed, how long a wood decking board is lasting, it ultimately depends on the maintenance. With proper maintenance, it is probably lasting at least 20-40 years.

The pros and cons of wood decking boards:

Pros:  The best option for you is a wood decking board when you decide on a well-looking decking board for your self-satisfaction. It can be adjusted with your low budget because it costs less than composite decking.

Whenever a decking piece is required to repair, it is much more manageable and natural to work with wood decking. If you can decide to decorate your whole home for adjusting, it allows lots of options like whitewashing, Paint color, and staining can bring out your inner designer.

Cons: Basically, wood decking maintenance cost is so costly. It can’t provide any guarantee of how long-lasting. In many cases, it is lasting only 10-15 years so that you will not get proper service without maintenance.

Part-3: Choosing between composite or wood decking

When you analyze the above discussion in-depth, you will reasonably understand that composite decking is appropriate. If wood decking doesn’t bother you too much in terms of maintenance time and money, then the natural-looking wood decking is for you. However, according to our psychological analysis, we should always be more interested in long-lasting and low maintenance decking boards.