Advantages and Challenges of Wind Energy

Everything has its own consequences and comes up with different challenges. Wind energy is a source of renewable energy. It does not pollute, is inexhaustible and reduces the use of fossil fuels that cause global warming, which is the cause of greenhouse gasses. There is no waste or water contaminated by wind energy, a crucial factor because of the water scarcity. It also has some environmental impacts of electricity generation such as reducing carbon, saving gallons of water every year and it also contributes to cutting off the pollution that creates smog and triggers asthma attacks. Here in this article, we will discuss how home wind turbine kits contribute to this phenomena.

In this guide we have,

  • Advantages of wind energy
  • Challenges of wind energy

Advantages of wind energy

As you all know that the world is changing rapidly and green energy has now become the most important topic. As with the period of time many industries are moving this side of renewable energy which is a very effective form of energy. Many countries are investing in this to make sure that they get the most from wind energy. The development of technology like this has also contributed to reducing the overall production setup. There are so many benefits of wind energy below we have mentioned a few of them,

  • A clean source of energy

This type of energy is an environmentally friendly and clean fuel source as it is provided by nature. It does not provide any toxic constituents that give any damage to the environment or leads to air pollution that causes health problems to people around it. The best part of wind turbines is that it does not create any atmospheric emissions that may affect the greenhouse gases and causing acid rain.

  • Uses limited space

It is one of the biggest advantages of wind turbines that they do not require a lot of space instead the windmills can easily be established in the existing farms that maximize the land usage. That means you don’t have to clear land to establish windmills.

  • An affordable form of energy

This type of energy is easily affordable but for instance, you have to pay for the initial cost of setting up the windmills. On the other hands, the operational cost is low as compared to the resources it will provide. The best you can have from the wind power is that it will give you many advantages as compared to the cost of the unit produced.

  • A local source of energy

It can easily be generated from anywhere and does not require the nation to import the energy like fuel fossils of gas and coal. It is not dependent on any other country to import energy in order to run the economy.

  • Challenges of wind energy

It is obvious when something is providing such benefits then there must be some challenges too that are faced while forming this type of energy. Below we have mentioned some of the common challenges faced by wind energy,

  • Changing wind patterns

As we have said this earlier the production of the energy from this is based upon the speed and patterns of wind. And as for nature’s phenomena nothing is predictable and so does wind! It requires constant wind for a longer duration in order to produce energy. As the wind is unpredictable which makes it difficult to harvest enough power at some locations.

  • Expenditure on Initial cost

The initial cost of wind energy is very high which can make the developing nations hesitant to invest in such energy. Yes, there are numerous benefits a producer can cherish from this but first prepare your mind to bear the expenditures of the initial cost.

  • Noise pollution

Obviously when a turbine is working it produces a lot of noise and visual blocking which is another challenge faced by wind energy. The noise can be distracting for the people living close to them. These often alter the environment of a region that can adversely affect the local communities.


Having said that, the guide to wind energy came to an end. We hope that the analysis we have done was beneficial enough to educate you about wind energy. For any query, you can contact us as we truly value your feedback!