GGHTx Telehealth Partnership During COVID-19 – Avi Kerendian


We have formed an alliance with GGHTx and Dentulu to combat global inequality in healthcare through a revolutionary free telemedicine platform. Our mission is to create a worldwide network of telemedicine clinics, clinics and clinics with access to a wide range of health services.

Avi Kerendian has a simple vision for GGHTx: to support young health professionals destined to bring about lasting change. In the current situation, where the COVID 19 pandemic is leading to a travel ban, this vision will remain inadequate for the time being.

For this reason, the GGHTX program cooperates with Dentulu in all matters of telemedicine and telemedicine, helping promote public health and health policy at various international universities overseas in Mexico.

Dr. Arash has extensive volunteer experience, is a lecturer and passionate supporter of others, and his participation and leadership in creating the GGHTx program has been invaluable as GGHTx has become a unique organization dedicated exclusively to students and young health professionals, where volunteers can travel the world and help each other. He hopes that these amazing volunteer journeys will soon resume and change our world as doctors and patients.

Dr. Arash Hakhamian is a major market leader for GGHTx, as he is a co-founder and medical director specializing in dental and oral surgery.

He also has a tremendous passion for helping people, which has helped make the program a worldwide success. Avi Kerendian has been a key player in the development of the GGHTx program as he is co-founder and CEO of GGHTx and a member of the Board of Directors. He holds a dual degree in biology and Spanish. He has also been involved in various research areas, where he has trained as an assistant researcher iin molecular and cell biology related to glioblastoma and breast cancer, in collaboration with a New York University.

Dr. Arash and Avi Kerendian took advantage of his desire to help the affected community by forming an alliance with Gracias Global Health Trips, a renowned teleservice dentist. Dentulu is a company and an industry that will revolutionize healthcare in Third World countries. Studies have shown that a wide range of chronic diseases can be treated and monitored remotely, and with this partnership, GGHTx will be able to reach the most remote places and even ensure the safety of vulnerable patients and their healthcare providers. This is the first of its kind in the world and demonstrates the power of Gracias Global Health Trips (GGHTx), which provide free dental care to some of the world’s most vulnerable people so they can treat a vulnerable patient remotely through consultation and diagnosis.

This alone will be enough to revolutionize the global health and telehealth industry, especially in the non-profit sector. In the short term, our plan is to expand the free care that our platform continues to provide and keep pace with new technological trends, as the world moves rapidly into a digital landscape that can no longer be ignored.

Dentulu is one of the world’s largest providers of telemedicine services to the non-profit sector. Dentulu offers a wide range of services including health care, education, health insurance, medical equipment and medical education.

The app is easy to use, HIPAA compliant and downloadable. Patients can make good use of the virtual Dentulu software that is connected to their mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets, laptops and tablets.