How to Put on Fake Eyelashes in 5 Easy Steps

Everyone loves the style and fashion of fake eyelashes. But when it comes to applying to them, that can be a hassle. If you are determined to understand how you can install or put on fake eyelashes easily and save yourself hours of work.

Then here are some tips from famous and expert makeup artists who split their beans just for you so that you can understand how to put on fake eyelashes easily in just 5 steps.

With these tricks, you will definitely look fresh and if you want to look at some fake eyelashes then check out from here.

How to Put Fake Eyelashes in 5 Easy Steps:

1. Prep Your Natural Lashes

When you have completed the eyeshadow process and you are finished applying the eyeliner of your preference then be sure that you curl your lashes properly and apply mascara to it.

2. Apply Glue to the Eyelash

Then use the tweezers to put the lashes in place and make sure that you press with enough strength that the glue on the lashes stickers properly eyelids and then use cotton swabs to the band with it.

But make sure that you don’t squeeze the glue directly from the tube to your lashes. Why, because it can be excessive and not in the perfect and right amount. On the other hand, use the glue in the right and accurate proportion.

3. Wait for the Glue to Dry Slightly

Here is a trick that can change the entire game of applying fake lashes on your lids. Try applying the glue and when applied then leave it for 30 seconds or so to make sure it dries properly. If the glue is dried then when you put on the fake lash it is less likely for the lash to slide down.

Now: here is what you need to keep in mind. Make sure that you wave around the lash for a while so that the mixture is properly diluted then it can become tacky and easily usable. Or else if you don’t do such trick then you’ll have glue all over you face.

4. Adhere the Strip to Your Lash Line and Press It Into Place

And here it is again the use of tweezers. Use them to put the lashes in place and align it with the liner shade that you just embedded on your eyelid. Make sure that you do it properly or else it won’t look real or natural. House of Lashes x Sephora Collection Multidimensional Prism Lashes is full and long.

5. Apply Black Eyeliner to Hide the Lash Strip

Extra eyeliner and another coat of mascara with tying it all together, filling in any little gaps. Keep in mind that adding a touch or a source of mascara can make your fake lashes blend with real and natural lashes. But the thing is that there are not much mascaras available that can work with a fake lash. There are special ones thus you need to make sure you get the right one. But be sure that you apply them once or twice because it can be harmful to your fake lashes.