Compare TFT Best Comps

TFT or Total Quality Meetings is a kind of converged communications. This means that it is a system that provides services that are converged. This is a very significant feature that one should take note of. When there are converged communications, the customer would be able to enjoy the best comps and other services from multiple service providers. There are multiple advantages that can be reaped through using this kind of converged communication.

In order for you to understand what TFT is, it is better if you have an understanding on how voice services work. You might have heard of VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) and how this technology helps make voice calls more convenient. TFT, on the other hand, helps you enjoy the same voice quality while paying less through phone companies. TFT services are also referred to as Full Function Convergence, which basically means that different functions of voice like speech recognition and call waiting are converted to data that can then be sent over the Internet. This makes voice messages more comprehensible and enjoyable.

TFT also has some great benefits for the user. For starters, voice calls and data are both converted into digital format and this conversion happens in real-time. What this means is that the voice quality is very good regardless of the distance. The voice clarity will be clearer with more volume. Since voice is digitally encoded, it can easily be stored and transferred.

Another major advantage of VoIP is that it improves voice clarity and volume. Because of the converter, different voices can easily be converted into different code numbers making it possible for you to customize your calls according to the setting you want. Also, this software system allows you to create virtual numbers that can be called through the service. This can be especially useful for business people who would want to target their specific audience with their marketing campaigns.

TFT also provides voice broadcasting capabilities. This means that the service will allow you to broadcast your voice through a message such as an SMS or an email to multiple users and thus share personalized messages with all those who are on your list. Some other voice services do not have this capability. This is something that TFT Best Comps cannot boast of.

Another feature that TFT has is a call-lock function. It ensures that only specified numbers will be called during certain times. This way you can limit the number of people who will get access to your phone. Apart from this, voice mail is also provided by this system. With TFT voice mail, you can send your voice mail to up to five people. You can also attach any documents you want to be included in the message such as your appointment schedule or your sales forecast.

This voice system also allows you to control your voice messages through your PC. You can set tones based on weather and time. You can also control which message will be played during business hours and other times. TFT voice and data services can also be used to send faxes.

The system also provides a number of call-forwarding options. This means that you can direct any calls made to a particular number to another phone line or even to voicemail. This feature also provides for making calls to multiple numbers in one call. The calls that are made will be recorded and sent to your voice mailbox. You can then get a virtual recording of your voice and check it before making your next call.