Commonly Asked Questions About Cigars

Commonly Asked Questions About Cigars

There are many bloggers on the internet that have posted wrong and incomplete information about cigars. This has led to regular or new cigar users unaware of the real facts. Our motive is to provide quality information to our readers. That’s why, here in this article, we have answered the most asked questions about cigars. If you have the same question in mind, congratulations, the answer is right in front of your eyes. Without taking your much time, let’s jump straight to the points.

How To Save Cigars From Getting Over Humidified?

This is one of the biggest issues that most cigar users face. Over-Humidification is an issue that generally happens during sultry and warmer climates. Fortunately, there are some techniques or ways through which you can combat this. Humidity control beads are best to control the moisture of your cigars. 

Take a small piece of cloth and place a few beads inside it. Make a bundle of that cloth, sprinkle some water on it, and put it inside your cigar box. It will maintain the humidity level of your cigars so that their taste doesn’t get affected. Make sure after placing the beads, don’t keep the lid of the cigar box open. It will do no good for you. In fact, it will make your moist-cigars into dried-out ones. 

What’s The Difference Between Guillotine Cutters And Stylish Wedge Cutters?

Wedge cutters were used decades ago when the cigars were thinner than it’s today. They were designed in a way to cut a larger opening of a cigar, to channel the smoke. People used them mainly to cut cigars like robustos. But with time, the thickness of cigars changed, and so did the tools to cut them. Nowadays, cigar lovers prefer to use guillotine cutters. It makes perfect cuts in your cigars, decreasing the risk of damage.

There is a third type of cutter called lance or bullet cutter. It’s becoming popular among the smokers of this hi-tech and advanced generation. It cuts the cigar deeply, creating a shaft near the head, making the cigar burning hot. If you ask us, guillotine cutters are better than any other cutter available these days. 

How To Cure The Odor Inside The Cigar Box?

Many cigar smokers complain about the odor coming from their cigars. That odor might be the result of those cigar gel beads that you placed inside the cigar box. But how exactly are those beads responsible for the odor? Might it be the odor of your cigar getting dry-out? First of all, your cigars won’t dry out because of those beads you placed. Secondly, if you want to remove that smell, you first need to understand its origin. In most cases, that smell is caused because of the water sprinkled on the beads. Many people make the mistake of spraying unclear water on the beads.

You should always use clean water on your beads. There’s a chemical reaction that triggers when you sprinkle water on the cigar beads. Using dirty water triggers the wrong chemical reaction resulting in the creation of that odor you smell. So now you know what you have to do when you smell an odor from your cigars. Instead of sprinkling fresh water to your beads, we suggest that you should replace the whole bead bundle. This way, you won’t have to smell that odor anymore, keeping your cigars fresh all the time.

Is Dipping Cigars In Cognac Or Rum A Good Idea?

This technique was used when cigars were shipped drier, as the humidification technology wasn’t available at that time. Dipping cigars in the rums helped the smokers to keep their cigar moisturized. But today, there are tools like cigar beads that maintain the moisture inside the cigars. If today you dip your cigars inside rum, it will only make your smoking miserable. The smoke will not taste good, and you will definitely not enjoy smoking.

Final Words

So these were a few commonly asked questions about cigars. We hope that we have clear your most doubts and issues related to cigars. Do tell us any other problem you are facing in the comment section below.