Know something about COVID-19 and impacts of using nasal air filters

Coronavirus or COVID-19 is the latest and trending example of a viral, pandemic and mutated disease that had started from wild animals from the Wuhan city of China and transmitted into humans, mainly the channels was the consumption of these wild animals as food items. This virus is the most threatening biological disease in recent time, and researchers across the world have already warned the people that more than 70% of the total world population may get affected by this pandemic. And with the increasing number of patients and deaths globally is the evidence of their words. So, what is essential to keep you safe from this?

In initial time, or at the time of the start of COVID-19, it took more than 2500 lives in China and now the whole world death cases are more than one hundred thousand. Not even the superpower countries like America are protected from this even the conditions are worst here than any other country in the world. 

If we talk about the number of globally infected people then this number is shocking. More than 800 thousand people are infected and fighting for their lives in hospitals. Also, the relief news is that more than 90 thousand people are recovered from this. But the chances of mortality is very less just 2%, this number is even less than the SARS virus.

However, this doesn’t make Coronavirus or COVID-19 less risky. As a few investigations have shown, the death rate of the infection might be generally low when contrasted with SARS; however, its contamination rate is fundamentally high.

Why Nasal Air Filters are so impactful?

There are lots of reasons for using nasal air filters. Due to the spread of pandemic Coronavirus, the world is in threat to save their lives. There is no vaccine available to cure this disease and as a pandemic, it has taken over the whole world in its dangerous impact. The whole world is trying different things to get protection from this pandemic but not all efforts are equally valuable. Like Sanitization has its place and washing of hands it’s own. But if we talk about nasal air filters or face mask then they are highly valuable as it an infectious disease so to protect yourself from infectious people or the pollens and dust particles present in the air experts across the world are suggesting to use nasal air filters and face masks.

Their immediate adequacy against general particulate matter and allergens particulate is more documented and researched, while their immediate viability against airborne infections should be additionally concentrated to assist us with arriving at a definitive answer.

If you are searching for a mask that should not be shown on your face then you can go with invisible nasal filters. So, why wait? It is the right time to understand the need and impact of nasal air filters to save yourself from allergens, pollens, infections, viruses and other pollutant particles.