Canada- a popular migration destination

Many countries have been promoting skilled migration in their countries as it contributes in promoting economy, job opportunities and social status of the countries. Countries have been trying to get best skilled people from across the world in their countries. Skilled people have been adding significant values in the growth of economy and social structure. People across the world prefer to migrate to Canada because of its strong economic condition and multi cultural society.

Pro business countries always intend to get skilled people, entrepreneurs and investors in their countries so that they can help in growing business and economy. Canada immigration policies have been appreciated by the people across the world because of its simpler and friendlier immigration processes. The unique feature of Canada immigration policy is that it offers Permanent Residency (PR) to almost all types of people- skilled people, investors, entrepreneurs. An applicant who does not qualify in one category can certainly become eligible under other categories and succeed in obtaining Permanent Residency.

Canada has been a leading country in attracting skilled migration, entrepreneurs and investors alike from across the world. It has succeeded in attracting huge number of people from across the world.  Countries like China, India, United States, United Kingdom, Philippines, Pakistan, Iran, South Korea, Sri Lanka, Columbia etc have significant contribution in Canada’s overall immigration. People from these countries intending to migrate to Canada in great numbers because of various reasons:

  • Economy: Canada is the tenth largest economy in the world. This gives a huge assurance to the people dreaming to migrate to Canada that they will be migrating to a developed nation. It has been a common inspiration for skilled people and entrepreneurs among under developed nations and developing nations to migrate and live in a developed nation like Canada.
  • Language: English language has been accepted as a language spoken by people across the world. In many developing and under developed countries, English has been spoken by good number of educated and skilled people. English has been a medium of higher education in many underdeveloped and developing nations. People from developing and underdeveloped countries prefer to migrate to Canada as English is spoken and understood by almost 98 percent Canadian people.
  • Business and work opportunities: Canada is a pro business country and endeavors to attract investment and businesses from across the world. The huge size of Canadian economy, pro business policies and developed nation status are key factors in promoting migration in Canada.

Canada also succeeds in attracting great number of skilled immigration. Skilled people from across the world prefer to work in Canada because they get good remunerations and avail better living standards.

  • Safety and security: Canada is a safe and secure multi-cultural country. People from many countries and ethnicities live in Canada in a very peaceful atmosphere. Canada immigration policies are successful because it offers safe and secure environment to its citizens and migrant people. It has succeeded in not allowing ethnic conflict in its multi-cultural society.

Canada will stay as a preferred destination for people from across the nations because of the benefits and advantages it offers to skilled people. Investors and entrepreneurs are motivated to migrate there because of its large economy and pro business environment.


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