With more than two billion eCommerce buyers globally, you need to invest your time and money in effective marketing tactics.

Such was the case for Matthew Lepre, whose Ecom Warrior Academy mentorship program helped people achieve online business success.

If you want to make money online just like what Matt’s students did, you should get started with these strategies:

Make Sure That Your Online Store is Responsive

Even if you have a robust online business model, Matt Lepre believes it’s useless if your website is unresponsive.

That said, your site should use a responsive web design similar to that of the Ecom Warrior Academy reviews and results page. With this in your system, your Facebook or eCommerce store can adapt to your visitor’s device.

As this helps promote a good user experience, a responsive design will help you achieve SEO success as well.

Fix the Website Speed via the Back End

Whether you have a Shopify or Woocommerce store, your site should provide immediate access. Remember, a fast site can lead to happy customers, translating to excellent search engine results.

Although there are many codes you can modify on the front end, full-time owners should not forget to tend to the back end.

In the free training that Matthew Lepre gives his Ecom Warrior Academy members, he emphasized the need for Solid State Hosting. While it may come with a high price tag, it’s the best investment your dropshipping business could ever have.

Promote Trust as Seen on Ecom Warrior Academy Reviews and Results

Trust goes beyond personal relationships as it’s vital for business as well.

Websites with Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) are more likely to rank high. That’s because consumers don’t view them as scam sites, so they are more likely to transact with them.

This trust also enables you to get more sales, which is precisely the case with Matt Lepre as seen in his Ecom Warrior Academy Review page.

Apart from having SSL, you can build a more robust website using a web application firewall through a content delivery network. You can also take an anti-malware service that shows a website secured seal, plus the information on the latest scan.

Some programs also come with a malware removal option, eliminating the need for a costly security support team.

Provide Helpdesk Access

Good customer service almost always equates to great sales. So, if you want to respond to your clients in record time, you should get a helpdesk for your dropshipping store.

Take the case of the Ecom Warrior Academy. Matthew has created a specialized helpdesk for those who are enrolled in the training course.

True enough, this program can help you provide exceptional support through prioritization, template replies, and quick problem identification.

You’ll also find that a helpdesk is pretty scalable, which makes onboarding a smooth process. As it has a centralized and searchable database, staff members won’t end up answering the same Facebook query.

Get a Live Chat Program

Apart from having a helpdesk, it’s also good to have a live chat program for your Shopify site.

For one, it allows your staff to handle many queries simultaneously. They can answer branding and shipping concerns in one window and address affiliate marketing concerns in another. It can also provide automatic responses even if you’re not online.

A live chat program is also the best place to start promoting your business. Matt considers this a crucial marketing step, as per his Ecom Warrior Academy training course.

Through this, you can capture leads and even do pre-sells and upsells. It also helps you to build better relationships with the people most likely to buy from you.

Make Your Business Work 24/7

The most successful people in business barely got rest. This shouldn’t be the case for you, though, as you can still be one of the greatest success stories through the Ecom Warrior Academy Course.

If you want your dropshipping site to be prolific just like Matthew’s, get a 24-hour answering service. It’s not a scam, as most people believe, as it’s a way to keep your shop active when your staff is asleep.

Since it receives the vital information that your company needs, you can still respond to your clients as soon as you get online.

Nurture your Best Clients

Study your records to identify the clients who purchased a lot for the year. Show your gratitude to these individuals by providing free shipping, affiliate gifts, and other promos and discounts.

This step has led the Ecom Warrior Academy to its success. By showing his gratitude to his clients, Matt was able to recruit more people to his dropshipping training course.

Impress your New Customers

Apart from thanking your old clients, your dropshipping site should pay homage to its new clients as well.

For one, this leads to a great impression. It can even materialize to a good social media review, which is more precious than the Facebook ads you run for the year.

Now that you know these eight powerful strategies, it’s time you got started with them right away!


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