British Airways Cancellation Policy – How to cancel a flight British airways?

British Airways
British Airways

It is very disappointing when you have to cancel the plans that you were longing for a very long time. Unfortunately, this happened to me as well. I was craving to visit New Jersey for such a long time and it got canceled when I was planning my honeymoon and then it got canceled again when I was planning a trip with my friends. Sometimes destiny is not in your favor and you have to mold your plans according to them.

This time it went too far as I made British Airways reservations as well but it still got canceled. Thank god for the British Airways Cancellation Policy as they provide full flexibility on making cancellations with the airline. We had to pay a small price of cancellation charges and we were able to get away with the concern. 

British Airways Cancellation Policy:

I went to the British Airways Cancellation Policy page and was able to gather the following information:

  • The passengers who cancel their booking with British Airways need to be sure that the reservation is approved by the Airlines. 
  • After making British Airlines reservations if you wish to cancel the booking because of some unavoidable circumstances then the cancellation manner will be performed according to British Airways cancellation policy.
  • If the passenger is canceling the reservation in 24 hours of making the reservation of the ticket, they have the full right to ask for a full refund on behalf of the cancellation they have performed with the British Airways.
  • As per the policy, the passengers will have to pay a cancellation fee if they are making the cancellation beyond the stipulated time of 24 hours. 
  • The British Airways cancellation fee is determined by the type of fare purchased by the passenger for making a cancellation. 
  • Once the passenger has made the cancellation it is mandatory to pay the cancellation fee.

I got to know that there are different procedures to perform the cancellation process:

  • The customers can make the cancellationby simply contacting the British Airways cancellation contact number at 0344 493 0787. The reference number is required along with the last name of the passenger. 
  • The passenger who has reserved a ticket with British Airways by a travel agent then s/he has to ask the same agent to perform the cancellation process. 
  • The procedure can also be performed online on the official website of British Airways. 

How to cancel a flight British airways?

The passengers who do not know the procedure of the cancellation process can perform the below-mentioned steps but make sure that you have an internet connection to start with the cancellation process. 

  • Type British Airways in the search box and go to the official website.
  • Once you are on the homepage of the website you will be able to witness the login option. Make a selection on it. 
  • Now log in into the account that you must have created with the airline by entering your credentials. 
  • Hit on the option that says of “My Trips” or “Bookings”
  • A list of reservations will be displayed on the screen after doing so from which you need to select the trip which you want to cancel. 
  • A confirmation window will appear in which you need to tap on “Yes” to verify that you are sure that you want to cancel the ticket selected. 
  • Now the reservation selected will be canceled officially and an SMS and email will be sent by the airline for the same. 
  • After this, you need to apply for a refund by filling out the refund application. 
  • Once the form has been filled the refund will be credited in the account after the deduction of the necessary cancellation fee (if any).

British Airways cancellation fee:

I was sure that a cancellation fee will be charged for which I went to the cancellation fee section on the website itself and gathered the following information:

  • There is no fee applicable to the passengers who are canceling the reservations made within the 24 hours of purchasing the ticket according to the British Airways cancellation policy
  • The passengers who are cancelling the ticket after 24 hours of the purchase holding a domestic flight ticket will be charged $125 as the cancellation fee. 
  • The passengers who are cancelling the ticket after 24 hours of the purchase holding an international flight ticket will be charged $450 as the cancellation fee. 
  • The passengers who are canceling the tickets reserved with the partner of British Airways known as American Airlines then the fee will be determined by the duration between the departure of the flight and the cancellation process. 

I am glad that the British Airways cancellation policy offers flexibility to the passengers and I was able to cancel the ticket by paying a small amount of the fee.