Top ERP software for your business in 2023

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ERP solutions are one of the key benefits of technological advancement to businesses of all kinds. These promise to improve business processes in various ways. These solutions make it easy for organizations to manage their internal communication and administrative tasks besides Human Resource affairs.

With advancements in technology, these solutions keep on evolving. If you are looking for ERP software for your organization, or are looking forward to switching a better one, you need to check out the best ERP software for the year 2023.

This article aims to introduce you to the top four software you can choose from for your organization.

Four ERP software to choose from for your company

Every medium to a big organization requires an enterprise resource planning solution in order to manage the administrative and operational affairs in an adequate manner. These solutions are often difficult to implement and require you to seek a professional.

Since it is an important need for running an organization, businesses in the UAE, have made it a point to implement these with the help of professionals. If you run your company there, you can easily get in touch with one of the best Bookkeeping and Accounting Firms in Dubai to optimize the business process.

Top ERP solutions which you can ask professionals to help you implement are as follows:


One of the top ERP soft wares in the current era is ERPAG.  It is a cloud-based solution that you can use if you are running a small to medium-size business. Whether it is the automobile industry, retail, IT, manufacturing business or education, it comes in handy for all these fields. It allows you as a user to efficiently manage and run the daily affairs in the organization.

It is not only good for basic internal communication but is also very promising when it comes to the point of sale business process, payroll services, and shipping management.  

2. Dynamics 365

It is a useful service by Microsoft, which your organization can use to integrate the business workflow processes. With the help of this tool, your administration can track leads and drive sales. It also empowers your organization to automate the field services and improve operations overall. It enables the usage of business apps from the cloud for improvement in operations and workflow.

 The apps that it offers you are available for offline usage and are applicable for IOS, Windows as well as Android. Thus your employees or any user in the workspace can work and report without internet connectivity. These business apps are created in such a way that you can deploy them independently or as a full-fledge package with integrated tools and functionality.

3. Broker-mint

Some ERP solutions are suitable for most kinds of businesses while some offer more suitability for a select few kinds of businesses. Brokermint is one such ERP solution that is the most suitable for accounting purposes in the field of real estate. It allows for streamlining of business listings, purchases, and contact management.

One of the key features of brokermint is its ability to manage transactions. It also enables commission tracking, which is an integral part of real estate dealings. If you are a real estate manager, you can rely on brokermint for white label rebranding, agent profile management, and automated checklists.   

4. Workday

Another widely common ERP Solution is workday. It is very useful for businesses operating with branches in various parts of the world. No matter what the business scale of your organization is, you can benefit from workday because of the multi-national nature of your business operations.

It enables you to manage Human resources, carry out planning, and analysis and manage recruitments, and revenues. You have a lot of room to benefit from the financial management capabilities for reporting and analyzing the financials. You can use it for managing expenses, project accounting, and procurement.    

5. E2 Shop System

It is an ERP solution offered by ShopTech Corporation. It is an ERP Solution that is primarily suitable for scheduling, shipping, purchases, and account management. The business which will find it most suitable for their work include shopping sites, and manufacturers. If you are running one of these businesses, you need to implement the E2 Shop system in your organization.

The system enables you to generate labels and packaging slips for shipping products. You may also create quick quotes and estimate the overhead costs and material needs.

Is your company in need of an ERP solution?

ERP solutions are crucial to effectively running businesses in today’s competitive market. Businesses not only need to make profits but catch the attention of the maximum number of people out there. Only when they ease the financial systems with the help of a bookkeeping and accounting firm can they pay attention to the rest of the endeavors of their business.

Thus, improve your business prospects by choosing the most suitable ERP solution for your organization now!

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