I bet you know what Bitcoin is. The crypto currency that runs on the blockchain application is the leading one in the crypto world. Even though Bitcoin run on a secure blockchain application that promises security and scalability, there are still many ways of keeping your Bitcoin safe. One of the ways is through Bitcoin mixing. The latter is made to happen through the use of best bitcoin mixers. These are solutions and services that enable users to integrate the coins they have with other users. You should understand that you will need to convert your Bitcoin into preferred currency. Doing these could expose your identity in the bitcoin exchange platforms. The site that you will be withdrawing the funds from will know your identity. When you mix the coins, you will hide the ties between Bitcoin addresses and the real world identities.

What methodology do Bitcoin mixers work?

Over the past period times, many people come up with many strategies to try and explain how bitcoin mixers work. Some of the strategies rely on fully centralized solutions, to solutions where users do not need to trust anyone. Other solutions resemble Lighting Network-style payment channels, and more.

How centralized mixers work.

The working of the centralizedbest bitcoin mixers is an easy one. These mixtures will accept Bitcoin payments, and will send different coins in return. With an increase in demand of the mixing service, it will become daunting for one to link any incoming coin to a particular person. In short, centralized mixers will break the transactional trail to offer users with the much needed privacy. Even so, there are two possible flaws with these types of mixers. The first one is that users need to trust their privacy with the mixer. The second flaw is that the mixer has the infrastructure to follow the bitcoin trail to determine the owner.

All you need to know about Chaumian Coin Join Mixers.

Chaumian best bitcoin mixersare the second type of mixers that are more modern and advanced. An example of these type of mixers is when a large group of people decide to come together to make a large payment by themselves. With it, it becomes difficult and impossible to trace. For example 1000 users decide to send 0.5 BTC to a new address they control. Afterwards, they will decide to amalgamate all the transaction into one big transaction. Finally, each and every person will receive his or her input of 0.5BTC. Doing this will conceal the origin of the money. First because the people control the address. Secondly money has been set to and from. Therefore it will be difficult to trace its origin.

Why do people mix coins?

As previously stated, you will mix your coins to protect your privacy. You could want to protect your privacy for many reasons. The first one could be to protect unauthorized people from knowing your wealth. You could want to prevent burglary cases. Not to mention, you could want to prevent people you owe money, increasing its interest rate.


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