BIGZZAD: it was totally worth it


Music is a form of art that has been an integral part of our culture for ages. It expresses the language of a culture. The taste of music has been modified throughout history and it had a great influence on human culture and society as a whole. People enjoy different types and styles of music. Music is not just about listening, but about feeling. The words, lyrics, beats, tunes, and melody behind every music are an essential part of it. Every musician has a specific style or flavor about his music that makes him unique. A lot of skills are required to be a good musician, for instance, confidence, creativity, determination, hard work, and dedication. Musicians have the ability to give words to the thoughts in a beautiful manner by adding emotions in it. But behind all the songs that we hear, there are unrevealed stories of musicians who struggled to thrive to make their permanent position in the competitive music industry.


This article will introduce you to a finest, enthusiastic, and discerning musician known as, BIGZZAD, who risked everything to follow his dream career that is music. He formed a heavy metal band from Tehran in 2011 named as “Underground Dream”, which consisted of Behzad himself as a composer and lead singer, The instrumentals of the band, and the aggressive skill as a musician made them distinctive and among one of the heavy metal bands. The struggle and challenges, they had to go through while composing and practicing for their songs, due to the ban on heavy and western music in Iran. Their first album, “Maximum Gain” was released in the same year through Blue Pie Records. A new CD was also recorded in 2013 in Hollywood, CA. They received love from the people in Iran and the Middle East that eventually increased their overall fan following. Unluckily, there was a ban on metal music in Iran. However, Behzad chased his dream by hiding in the underground music scene, and he alongside his partners in the band used to work online with a music producer in the US privately. Eventually, after some time, the band decided to escape from Iran and head to Los Angeles, so that they could easily produce and perform music courageously. Yet, there was a little fear residing deep inside their hearts. They were concerned about being persecuted and for not meeting their families as in case of releasing any music or documentary, they had to stay in the US and won’t be allowed to return to their homeland. But they chose their passion and career over everything else. In 2016, the band composed the music of an American documentary film, Beyond the Bombs, starring BIGZZAD as well. The movie was based on the band’s story and won the Artistic Spirit Award in an International Film Festival, that only present contemporary and innovative movies, in New York. BIGZZAD has an Instagram account with the username @bigzzad where he is followed by over 149k


It was a long journey from Iran to Los Angeles for BIGZZAD, but it was totally worth it for him as he earned huge success and appreciation from the public. Musicians are a great valuable asset to the music industry, and they should be encouraged for what they possess. Their somehow suspenseful and thrilling experience became an example for others that one must not suppress their talent and should follow the passion, the success will follow itself. The band was truly very determined as they believed in themselves & their capabilities, and with firmness in believing, anything is possible. Likewise, an Italian proverb says, “Starting is always difficult, but every desire is attainable.”