6 Essential Questions to Ask a Potential SEO Company

Kantaloupe Seo Agency

Finding a good SEO company is a hectic task in itself. However, choosing the right option is very important for your business. You must be thinking of how to choose a potential SEO Company. Here are the six essential questions to ask a potential SEO company to make sure you have selected the best.

  1. What services will you plan to provide as part of the strategy?

If your potential SEO agency is unwilling or hesitant to itemize the work they are planning to do, be careful. An SEO company such as kantaloupe will be completely clear with you and will be happy to include the services it intends to provide as part of the strategy. The services provided can and should change throughout the term of the contract.

  1. What will be your strategy for content optimization?

You must have heard that content is the king, and that’s why content optimization is essential. Ask the company that they will create a new version, or will they work with your current content or create new landing pages and what will be the result of content optimization.

  1. Who will be responsible for the tasks?

Before committing to an SEO contract, make sure you know who is responsible for each task. Some agencies/freelancers are lazy on their proposals, which can come as a shock later when you need to hire a developer to implement the changes they recommend.

Find out who is doing what and if you will need outside help.

  1. Are you currently working or have worked with our competitors in the past?

Knowing about their current and previous clients is vital as it means that the agency knows what works or what does not work in the industry and has a good network of resources for your industry. However, keep in mind that if the agency works for your competition, the competitors may pay more than you and get more services each month than they suggest to you.

  1. Will you be having weekly or monthly meetings?

Some agencies will make a weekly update call. Others may speak to you once a month. Some may go ahead and send you a personalized email/report. You can guide them about this and explain how you would like to be aware of it.

  1. How will you report the campaigns?

You’ll want to know precisely what was accomplished each month, the campaign’s success, and it’s ranking in rankings, traffic, and conversions. You can guide the SEO agency on how detailed you want your reports to be. You might wish to a high-level report yet concise report for your CEO and board members and a more detailed technical report for your marketing director.

The key to this whole process is to be thorough. You don’t want to choose an agency with a black hat that ends in red. With the above questions in hand, you can be sure to ask all the right questions of a potential partner agency.