Best Places to Visit in Omaha

When you think of visiting Omaha, you likely think of pioneer and nature types destinations. While those types of stops are certainly all around the Omaha area visitors to enjoy; however, the city is not purely rustic. 

There many great places to visit in Omaha if you are thinking about taking a trip to the Midwest. Here are six of our favorite Omaha stops.

Historic Dundee Neighborhood

Dundee is considered Omaha’s first neighborhood, and it is home to quite a few A-listers. Warren Buffett calls the corner of Farnam and 55th, and he was married in the neighborhood’s Dundee Presbyterian Church. 

The neighborhood is most noted for its World War II history. In April of 1945, as part of the Japanese plan to cause mass chaos in American cities, the Japanese military exploded a fire balloon over Dundee, causing destruction to the neighborhood. But, because no one was harmed, the American military suppressed the story until after the war.

Lauritzen Gardens

Lauritzen Gardens is a 100-acre botanical garden that offers relaxation from the hustle and bustle of the city. The new Majorie K. Daugherty conservatory is the garden’s latest attraction, and it’s sure to provide you with some breathtaking views of nature.  

The center also offers tram rides, so if you don’t feel up to a foot journey, you can hop on the tram and relax your mind and body as you take in the sights and smells of nature.

Old Market District

In the heart of downtown Omaha lies the Old Market District. If you are looking to shop local, the Old Market District has a variety of shops and restaurants that are sure to give you a “taste” of Omaha.

Heartland of America Park

Situated on 31 acres, Heartland of America Park boasts an iconic fountain that shoots sprays of water close to 320 feet into the air. Visit the park at night, and you can see the accompanying light show that highlights the fountain’s grandeur. 

After you take in the fountain’s prestige, you can hop onto a gondola and ride and take in the scenery. 


A stroll through the Gold Coast Historic District will lead you to Lyndhurst, known to some as Joslyn Castle. The caste was built in 1903 by George and Sarah Joslyn, who made their fortune in the news industry. Visitors enjoy the castle’s botanical gardens, carriage houses, lily ponds, and a large greenhouse.

Durham Museum

Tucked away in Union Station is the Durham Museum. Stop in to get a fascinating look at history and architecture throughout the Omaha region. The museum has a strong affiliation with the Smithsonian and the Library of Congress to provide various traveling exhibits. Be sure to stop by this iconic Omaha landmark on your trip.   


There’s no disputing that Omaha is chock full of attractions. If you are passing through or shopping for Omaha houses for sale and plan to stay, be sure to hit up some of the great attractions that make Omaha such a great place.