Best online casino bonuses Canadian in 2023

What is a casino bonus

An online casino bonus is an amount of pesos that an operator pays to a user’s gaming account. It can be real money or bonus money, which we must bet a number of times to release it and convert it into real money. This is known as wagering , playthrough, or rollover .

A bonus is an opportunity for the bettor. The idea is to make use of it by betting on different games of chance and getting benefits. Casino bonuses are used to reward the player and to provide fun.

Remember that promotions are to offer a better service and also add a touch of fun and attraction, but not to make you rich.

Why do casinos offer bonuses

The online casinos  offer bonuses to attract new users. There are many competitors, therefore they need to optimize their services and present attractive offers. Thanks to the promos, instead of playing with your deposit, you can play with a higher balance for longer.

How a casino bonus works

Talking about a casino bonus and its conditions is not easy, since usually the bonuses that are granted in the canadian online casino have their own policies and rules, but what are the general rules?

  • Rollover or Wagering.
  • What is the minimum and maximum amount of deposit, withdrawal and bet.
  • Maximum amount to be released from the bonus. Promotions usually have a maximum amount to be drawn from the bonus money, which is different from the amount to be received.
  • Games where the bonus can be played.
  • Period of time to release the bonus.

To this are added the general terms and conditions of each casino.

Casino bonuses – what to watch out for!

Each online casino bonus offers its terms and conditions describing the offer itself. We can find it in the Promotions section of the platform.

These are some of the general conditions.

What are the wagering requirements?

The wagering requirements are the conditions that must be met in order to make the casino bonus valid. These requirements are within the same promotion of the bonus and to make it valid you must comply with your obligations, so it is advisable to read its requirements before accepting the bonus.

Are there any gaming restrictions?

Each casino bonus has game limitations. Generally the promos are for casino games and not live casino games. Likewise, most offers count a percentage for each game.

For example, a bonus can be played in all games of chance, however, in roulette games it accounts for only 10% for the release. However, slot machine bets count at 100%.

On the other hand, free spins are always limited to slot games, and some only to certain slots. The list of slots available for an offer will come in the description of the offer.

Minimum and maximum bet

Likewise, there are certain minimum and maximum bet limits in each promotion. However, it is not a very common data.

Validity of the bonds

Another point is the term you have to use the bonus. This is an important piece of information to keep in mind.

There are 30 days, 7 days, 3 days, 60 days, 90 days … It depends on each promotion. In our casino reviews we always inform about the validity and days to release a bonus.

How to play an online casino Bonus

Playing an online casino bonus is easier than it sounds. When you make a deposit at the casino, it takes care of separating them. Usually the player’s actual balance is spent first and then the bonus money.

How to get casino bonuses

To obtain casino bonuses, it is essential to have or create a gaming account on a casino platform. Once your account has been created, there are several types of bonuses to choose from: welcome bonuses, bonuses for or without deposit, for referred friend, birthdays, and many others that we will talk about during this guide.

How to bet your bonuses

Usually the online casino automatically approves the bonuses for some, allowing you to choose if you want to play with the bonus granted or with your balance, however most of them play your balance first and the casino bonus awarded later. To bet it, you just have to enter -with code if necessary-, and accept the bonus. You can then start playing.

How to win money with casino bonuses

To earn money with a bonus you first have to bet it, of course we already know that now playing in the slots this provides almost 100% of the bonus so it is advisable to play in them, the bonus accumulates after each game you win and also free spins give you an extra chance to win without risking the bonus.

How to collect an online casino bonus

It is important to know the casino rules when withdrawing or claiming a bonus and if you already have a significant accumulated amount, it is substantial, know how to withdraw them.

Claim the bonus

There are certain conditions to meet before withdrawing a bonus, one of them is wagering, which is simply having bet the amount of the bonus in “x” amount of times, the other is that the casino can ask that before withdrawing any bonus you reach a percentage of game from 100%, 33%, or up to 300% that is to say, number of times played.

Other casinos will ask you to have played the bonus in 14.30, or 7 days and all this is part of the conditions, that is why it is suggested that you read the general terms and conditions and those of each promotional bonus.

What are the types of online casino bonuses

There are different casino bonuses in canadian. Let’s see how they work and how to get them and take advantage of each of them.

Welcome bonus

What is a welcome bonus

The welcome bonuses are exclusive to new players who do not yet have an account at the casino in question. Whenever you create an account for the first time at a casino you can take advantage of the welcome bonus.

Once you have your new account, make a deposit with the casino welcome bonus code and you will receive a percentage of that deposit in bonus money. It is usually 50%, 100%, or 200% of the income you make.

The minimum deposit amount is usually between $ 10,000 COP and $ 20,000 COP.

For example, if you enter 100,000 COP and your casino welcome bonus is 100%, you will receive another 100,000 COP in bonus money, which you will have to bet a number of times – this is called ‘rollover’ or ‘wagering’ – to release the amount and convert it into real money.

The rollover usually varies between 20 and 50 times the amount bet.

How to get welcome bonuses

To get your welcome bonus you need to know the deposit code, which will be noted in the description of the bonus itself.

Once we have it and we have created the account, we can proceed to make our first deposit using the welcome bonus code.

Next, a tab will appear on your screen for you to accept the bonus, go ahead and play!

Best welcome bonus for new players

From we recommend two of the best welcome bonuses on the market:

If you are not convinced, pay attention to the offer for new Luckia users:

Luckia Casino Welcome Bonus: Your first deposit is doubled up to $ 50,000, that is, 100% of what you deposit.

How to get a no deposit bonus

If the casino has a no deposit bonus, it is a simple process. You just need to register with your personal details, enter a valid username and password and include an email. Remember that you will need this email later if you want to contact customer service.

Once you register, you will receive the no deposit bonus in a new tab where you must accept it. Some casinos may also ask you to submit your documents to verify the account, but they will give you the no deposit bonus later.

Best no deposit bonus

The best no deposit bonuses are those with a low rollover. This means that you need to wager the bonus amount a few times to clear it up and convert it into real money.

Keep in mind that a low rollover is preferable to a high amount.

Free Spins Bonus

What are Free Spins

The free spins are bonus common online casino for pagamonedas. They are generally for new users, for registering or as a supplement to the welcome bonus, or for spontaneous promotions.

Try your luck at the slots with the free spins and win big!

Normally in the description of the bonus it is specified in which slot machines you can use the free spins.

How to get Free Spins

They are always for specific slots. Check where you can play them and once you have them, you will receive a notification. Now go to the slot machine you want and you can play it and there you will see your spins ready to make you a winner.

Free Spins Bonuses of the month

Currently no online casino in canadian has a free spins offer. We will update the information as soon as one of the operators launches a new spins promotion.

Deposit bonuses

What is a deposit bonus

It consists of bonus amounts in exchange for income. The player makes a deposit and the casino gives them a percentage of that deposit, which is usually between 50% and 200% or even 300% of the income made.

The main difference between deposit bonuses and welcome bonuses is that the latter are exclusive for new users, whereas deposit bonuses are suitable for everyone.

How to get deposit bonuses

Each deposit bonus has a code that you must enter when making the deposit, a minimum deposit amount and a rollover to release the bonus.

Once you make the deposit with the code indicated in the description of the bonus, a small tab will appear on your screen for you to approve the bonus.

Our advice is to bet the most skillful casino game bonus and bet big to increase your chances.

The best deposit bonuses

The best deposit bonuses are those that have a good relationship between the bonus percentage the casino gives you, the maximum deposit amount, the rollover and the period of time we have to clear the bonus.

The most important of these factors is rollover, and the lower it is, the fewer times we will have to stake the bonus amount to convert it into real money. Therefore, the best deposit bonus is mainly the one with the lowest rollover. We consider low a rollover from 25 times the amount bet.

Cashback Bonuses

What are cashback bonuses?

Cashback bonuses are loss bonuses . This means that if you have been unlucky and have had a losing losing streak, the cashback bonus gives you a percentage of your losses.

Each cashback bonus is applied from a loss amount. If your losses exceed that amount, you will receive the cashback bonus.

The amounts are distributed, as long as your casino has this bonus – you can consult it in the ‘Promotions’ section – once a week.

How do they work?

Let’s say your casino offers a 10% cashback on your losses and you have lost $ 100,000 from Thursday through Tuesday of the following week. If the cashback is distributed on Wednesday, in that case, during the 24 hours from Wednesday to Thursday, you will receive $ 10,000 so that you have another chance. It’s not bad at all.

How to get cashback bonuses

It is an automatic bonus, and you can check in the ‘My promotions’ or ‘My bonuses’ section if you have been awarded such a loss bonus.

If you cannot find it, contact the customer service of your online casino and they will answer any questions.

Best cashback bonuses

Loss bonuses are a great opportunity to get money back if we’ve hit a bad patch.

The ideal cashback bonus is simply the one that pays you back the highest percentage of your losses. Typically, cashback bonuses usually return you around 5% to 10% of your losses.

Live casino bonuses

What are live casino bonuses

They are exclusive bonuses for live casino games.

Playing live roulette is an experience that will make you feel like you are in your own physical casino from your living room where you can even interact with the dealer, who will address you directly by your username.

How to get a live casino bonus

Live casino bonuses work like deposit bonuses, but exclusive to live casino games.

As we said before, as with deposit bonuses, you need to make a minimum deposit and you will receive a percentage of that deposit to play live casino.

Best Live Casino Bonuses

As with free spins, there is currently no casino that offers bonuses for live casino games. As soon as an online casino offers a live casino promotion, we will update this information.

Mobile casino bonuses

What are the bonuses for cell phones and tablets

There are certain online casino bonuses that are exclusive to those players who play from their cell phone.

How to play casino bonuses on mobile devices

You can play your cell phone bonuses in the casino games indicated in the description.

Remember that these bonuses are restricted to mobile phones and you will not be able to play them from another device.

Sometimes, the bonuses are not only restricted for the cell phone, but also for the app. Maybe if your favorite casino has an application, it may have exclusive bonuses for that app, or on the contrary, exclusive bonuses for the browser version.