Best Instagram trends to watch right now

Instagram has taken social media by storm, it might not be a lot different than the rest of the social media platforms but the endgame here will remain the same and that is to get rich and make money as a platform by displaying ads for businesses and enterprises out there. But that is for another time and day, today the real topic of this article is to present you with some great Instagram trends out there that are being followed and which ones you should watch out for right now;

  1. Instagram goes live

Given the current pandemic and its toll on a global level, the Instagram live feature has sky-rocketed. Not many people were going live for some time and the numbers were not definitely as great as they are today but using the COVID-19 pandemic as an excuse more and more users started rolling out on instream and going live every now and then. Today it has become a trend and people are just storming out there, going live while others who are not are interacting with them. This is definitely a new trend that people are going to see this year and it is definitely not going to die anytime soon.

  1. Instagram guides by influencers

Before this feature didn’t go live, people used to ask the influencers, bloggers, or creators on Instagram about the places they can go to eat while in a particular region or country? How they can lose weight using the Keto diet and all such types of questions. But now with this new feature that Instagram has rolled out, creators or influencers can guide their users by making direct guides on Instagram. Not only these will get published directly on Instagram, but the creators will also get paid based on the type of traffic that is hitting their guides.

  1. Values take the center stage

Doing something organically over social media sites is going to have a long and the most cherishing effect on your long term business goals with social media platforms. And to derive online traffic to your dedicated Instagram account or page you must as an influencer always go with developing the most authentic, aesthetically pleasing, and original content. Not only people are choosing people or influencers they must follow based on this but Instagram too as a social media platform is prioritizing those influencers who are willing to bring value to the center stage in terms of creating relatively unique content for their followers.

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