Best Camera Booth – 360 Camera Booth

The best camera booth one can have is the 360 camera booth. It is the best because of the quality of pictures it clicks and the features available for it. Read the article to know more about 360 Camera Booth.

Photo Booth accessories

The accessories available on the website of spinpix 360 for 360 photo booth are

  • Pipe and Back Base drop Stand Kit
  • T-Series printer shelf
  • Alien bees B400 Flash Unit
  • Manual Tilt Mechanism
  • RBA RL-400 Ring Flash
  • RBA S-160 Led Continuous/ Strobe Flash
  • Steel Flash rod
  • T-Series Nimbus Adapter
  • Photo booth tube lightning for green screen or ice light photography
  • 6 Outlet Power Strip Surge Protector 300 Joules
  • 2 Stand with mount flash for with led modeling light glamify and Bella photo booth shells
  • Non Touchback monitor for Bella, glamify or charmer
  • Mini Pc for photo booth
  • Gaffer Tape
  • Cold spark machines
  • Canon Rebel T6
  • Premium Chrome post
  • Bar light tube lightning



These were the products on the website available under the category of photo booth accessories. These are used for clicking the pictures with effects. The ring lights and bar lights are used for different colored lights during the photoshoots. The stand and the spinning wheel are used for the 360 camera booth.

Portable Mirror Booth Packages

These packages come with a combo pack of the different lights used in 360 camera booth photos. Few of the products are

  • PMB – 100 Road case mirror booth premium package.
  • Road case mirror booth Starter package
  • Road case mirror booth DIY Package
  • Foldable Mirror Booth DIY Package
  • Foldable Mirror Booth Mirror Package
  • Foldable Mirror Booth premium Package
  • Edge mirror booth premium package
  • Mirror booth blaze starter package
  • Mirror booth blaze premium package
  • Mirror booth blade DIY package

You can select the product of your choice among these. The highly preferred one is listed at the top. If you have a fixed budget you can opt for the basic packages. And if you are a professional who wants quality images, you can go for the professional package. There isn’t much difference in both the packages.

The mirrors in both of the categories are almost of the same quality. The professional category mirrors are a bit less reflective and deflect the light easily which makes the pictures look brighter and sharper.

Photo Booth Props

Pictures without 360 camera booth props seem to be dull. Props when used appropriately can make a picture even more attractive. There are a variety of props that can be used when you want to click pictures with them. Selecting the right props for a photo is the most difficult task and the most important one too.

Let’s have a look at the range of props the website has to offer.

  • No mess super-sized featherless boa rainbow
  • No mess super-sized featherless boa blue.

The boa is available in different colors and patterns n the website.


As we have come to the end of this article, we hope you liked reading the article.