Best AC under 30000 – Review and Buyer’s Guide

best AC under 30000

Summer is at the doorstep and as always high temperature and heat is going to blow the mind of any person.

To counter this high temperature peoples have already started taking stern steps which includes buying fans, coolers and ACs.

In metro cities where the average temperature due to high pollution is somewhere around 50 degrees solution like fans and cooler are useless. You have to necessarily opt for Air conditioners.

Choosing the best AC needs a hell lot of stuffs to be taken into account.

Hence to ease out the selection process we have come up with a buyer’s guide which will help you choose the best AC under 30000 mark.

Check out the guide to see what to look for in an AC and the best AC which met all the expectations under a budget of 30000.

  1. Capacity

This is one major aspect. The capacity depends upon the size of the room. The larger room the greater capacity needed.

  1. Inverter or Non Inverter

Ideally the AC should be Inverter one. Inverter AC help to saves power consumption by intelligently managing the fan speed and compressor according to the temperature outside. This allows optimal use of power consumption and is not hefty on pocket. Inverter AC are also eco-friendly.

  1. Power Rating

The concept is simple. The more the power rating, the more energy efficient is the AC. You have to check the ratings of the AC that you have intent to buy. The higher the power rating, the lighter will be the AC on your pocket.

  1. Coolant Type

Coolant is responsible for cooling the room. There are many types of coolant available but you have to choose one that is eco-friendly. If the coolant is non eco-friendly then it will attack the ozone layer which prevents the earth from harmful UV rays. Check that your coolant should be eco-friendly.

Apart from these features, there are some other features like you need to check under your budget. The more option you can get under your budget range, the better.

  • Cool Mode
  • Fan Mode
  • Power Saver Mode
  • Quick Cooling Mode
  • 6th Sense Cooling
  • Sleep Mode

Taking all these things into account Hitachi split AC is the best split ac under 30000.  Check out the features and specification of this AC below:

Hitachi Split Inverter(1 ton 4 star)

This Ac comes with a pure copper condenser which ensures maximum cooling and side wise makes it maintenance free. Being an inverter AC this is always very light on pocket since the power consumption is very less (1020 watt). Being a Japanese brand, there is no scope of error here. This AC is an ideal fit for a small room of about 90 square feet and will give steady cooling even when the temperate outside is greater than 45 degrees. This AC uses R-410A eco-friendly refrigerant.

This AC is the best choice if you have a budget constraint of 30000. Go and grab this AC as this managed to pass all the test with flying colours.

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