7 social media myths that could hinder your marketing effectiveness

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Social media marketing platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and LinkedIn seem easy. Various aspects of social media marketing is a more nuanced affair. This is not just the matter of “executing it”, there needs to be an evident aim in mind, along with the overarching objectives and ethos which align with the same. Social Media marketing has turned out to be exceptionally famous over the past decade; however, popularity does not always result in a process’s refinement or improvement. Truthfully, social media needs a lot of hard work and research, just like the other marketing strategy.

7social media myths that can hinder the marketing effectiveness 

  1.   The more the likes, the better your business value – Likes can be considered as one of the important metrics of social media as well as the instant measurement which directly correlates with the success of a business, however, it is not true. They do not hold up to real conversions, not everyone who “follows” or “likes” the brand genuinely likes the brand, as well as the follower, might not end up going through anything you publish. 

You are required to earn the value higher as compared to your prices for a campaign for being profitable.

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  1. Social media is great for sales – People like to utilize social media        for connecting with their acquaintances and friends as well as also look for relevant and interesting content. In terms of effective Social media management, give a thought about your use of this platform i.e., do you log on for reading ads and listening to salespeople? Of course not. You go online for socializing, finding interesting content, and networking. 

Many brands utilize this platform for promoting their company without adding value to the life of their customer. Brands should post a mix of valuable, effective content related to something important to the market with a bit of promotional CTA content, it would do better with the customers. But sometimes they fail to understand that only Sales focused and un-relevant content does not leave any impact and can also affect your marketing effectiveness and people will begin to ignore the content.

  1. Keep updating like there is no tomorrow – When it comes to Social media management, one of the major things to keep in mind is that consistent posting on this platform particularly on Facebook and LinkedIn does not permit the time for actual engagement. Also, it portrays your brands as a bit desperate for getting attention. But, you can post the series of tweets associated with a similar topic in a single day. Also, don’t be tempted to just reblog or repost.

Furthermore, ensure the fact that Facebook or any other social media page of your company has the availability of live chat outsourcing so that people can interact with them and remove all their doubts. In addition to this, the re-posting should be unique as well as must come from the reputable and diverse selection and you should aim to be the content curator. 

  1.   Messaging apps are a big NO for the marketers – The messaging apps such as Whatsapp and Facebook Messenger present a huge opportunity for the marketers due to the increasing fame. Interaction is the key to ensuring the success of a marketing campaign. 

Do not forget that over messaging clients or prospects will be regarded as intrusive. Attempt to provide exclusive content as well as hosting contests through messenger applications for the boost in interaction.

  1.   Social Media has no strings attached with the site’s look and feel – As per thorough Social media analysis, the entire procedure of site development, content creation, optimizing the search engine results, content marketing, social media marketing, and branding are an aspect of digital marketing as well as are related to one another. In case your site is not functional and intuitive as well as does not have SEO-oriented content, it won’t feature in the top most results on the search engines as well as will obtain less traffic. 
  1. Multiple channels and single strategy ensure success – Social media platforms are often treated with a “1 size fits all” rule. Truthfully, it never works in that manner. The video-based content which attracts many comments and likes on Facebook may not have the same reaction on Instagram, for instance, since the latter is more popular for images. For ensuring the Effectiveness of Facebook marketing or Instagram marketing, you require a slightly different tactic as well as an entirely new approach for every social channel so that they attract different formats and audiences.
  1. Being present on each channel is mandatory – Each social media network is innovative as it aims at a distinctive set of users, as well as works on niche ideology. Every platform is not meant for all kinds of companies as those users who belong to distinctive demographics utilize distinctive social media networks. Also, hosting the campaign on channels which does not imply better web traffic and more traction can affect your marketing effectiveness. Slowly build a presence only on those social networks where you can virtually meet the target audience.


These myths related to Social media marketing are not innocent as in case you avoid them, you can legitimately stifle the progress or worse, influence your brand’s reputation negatively. Yet, do not be intimidated by the social media world.

Social media platforms are constantly changing and growing as well as regularly are more integral to our day-to-day lives. As the networks change, so should the marketing practices.