How much money does Noah Beck make on TikTok?

Before Talking about Noah Beck Net Worth in detail, his earning sources, let’s talk about who he is. Noah Beck is a 20-year-old, famous social media star who makes and shares videos on TikTok.


Beck also describes himself in these terms. “I can’t be in too many videos with [Sway House members], because brands will see that and they’re like, ‘Oh, well, you’re doing this with Bryce, and he’s not very, like, brand-safe,’” he says. In the week after our interview, he posted snippets from Arizona with his family, followed by a series of posts from his trip to Paris with the fashion brand Ami. “[Some creators] care more about their image online, rather than trying to capitalize on all the money they could bring in if they were brand-safe,” he says.

“I’m very open with myself and my story and the things I do on a day-to-day basis on the internet. I’m going to tell the truth and my truth, and if people don’t like that, then unfollow me,” Beck says decisively. “I’m still a Sway boy, but at the same time, I am my own person. It’s good to have your own brand, and when fans come up, they are usually not Sway fans. They’re just Noah Beck fans. And that’s the coolest thing because they love the positive, innocent, and kind side of TikTok.”

Nevertheless, 30 million followers watching your every move daily on their phones come with pressure. Kosh thinks part of TikTok’s appeal is that it feels more intimate than earlier forms of entertainment. “With paparazzi pictures, you might see [stars] spotted on the streets,” she says, “but this is a firsthand look into the day-in and day-out of their actual life and their relationships. So I think people feel more connected and involved.