Server Management and Managed Server Services

Server management is the monitoring and control of these computers to ensure the proper and stable operation of the server computers to which the internet sites or all other applications running locally or locally are connected.
To better understand the server management, it is necessary to consider the answer to the question of what is a server and the differences between the server and hosting.

What is a Server?

These are hardware and software computer systems that share the data and information held on it with the users on the internet network or computer network or with different computer network systems. Servers are high-capacity computers with much more advanced hardware than personal computers used daily.

What is Hosting?

Hosting service in Turkish is provided through the server computers we have defined above. Hosting service, where you can store your personal or corporate data and open this data to the internet, is provided through servers configured for this purpose.
Server Management and Managed Servers
Server management is a technically comprehensive process. To be able to manage the server, you must be able to connect to the server with full authority and you must have the high technical knowledge, both hardware, and software. In all kinds of problems that may occur on the server, we can call all management operations to make the server stable and the systems on it to work without any problems.
In general, we can gather the server management stages under the following titles.
Following the server,
Making the necessary controls and studies for the healthy operation of the server,
Updating and security settings of the operating system and software on the server regularly,
Intervention in the problems that may occur on the server,
In hardware problems, detection, and elimination of the problem.
In the leased server services provided by the data centers, the server management responsibility also belongs to the customer, since the entire authority of the server is given to the customer. All operations, such as ensuring the security of the server, installing the required software on it, and making the necessary intervention to the server in case of problems, are under the responsibility of the server owner or persons.
If physical server owners do not want to perform server management operations, they can request server management from the company they rented. However, data centers provide server management for a fee, since solutions are created specifically for individuals or institutions in server management operations. You can get server management support for a certain fee or you can use the managed server service, where all management belongs to the data center.
In the managed server service provided by our company, the server management responsibility is completely at our support desk. In this way, you will gain profit from the time you will allocate for server management. There is no extra server management fee in our managed server service. You can use our service with free server management and free cPanel license, leaving more time for your projects by leaving server management to our expert support team. Buy the best and cheap window hosting UK service.

Safety Statement TR-17-069 VAULT 7 (USOM)

As of August 2023, information, exploitation codes, and malware have been published by a hacker group named “Shadow Brokers” belonging to the cyber-espionage unit “Equation Group”. It contains detailed information about the cybersecurity vulnerabilities for different operating systems and software published up to now, as well as the published data go back until January 2023.
The published exploitation codes also target network devices used in institutions. Also, it has been observed that malicious software targeting end-user computers is among the published information. The ‘Wannacry’ malware, which has recently affected corporate or individual systems worldwide, uses the published vulnerability and exploitation codes. The Hacker group has announced that it will release similar exploitation codes and malware that they have captured every month. Also, as of March 2017, data allegedly owned by foreign intelligence agencies and announced under the name ‘Vault 7’ were leaked to the Internet. This data includes software used to leave back doors to information system assets, especially end-user systems. Malicious software, which tends to spread across corporate networks using file servers, is also included in ‘Vault 7’. Similar data will likely continue to be published in 2-3 weeks’ time frames. For these leaked data to not affect corporate information security, it is necessary to take an inventory of information systems within the institution and to determine vulnerability and impact analysis on this inventory.
Devices Affected
The code of exploitation and malware that will affect the products specified by the type/brand/model below have been developed and spread over the internet. For this reason, institutions and organizations need to detect these devices in their information systems inventory (all internal and external networks) and take necessary actions. Grid hosting is offering reliable windows web hosting uk services.
1. Network Devices
Juniper Netscreen (NS5XT, NS50, NS200, NS500, ISG 1000, SSG140, SSG5, SSG20, SSG 320M, SSG 350M, SSG 520, SSG 550, SSG 520M, SSG 550M)
Cisco PIX (500 Series) o Cisco ASA (5505, 5510, 5520, 5540, 5550 series)
Cisco Switch / Router (711, 712, 721, 722, 723, 724, 802, 803, 804, 805, 821, 822, 823, 824, 825, 831, 832, 841, 842, 843, 844)
Fortinet FortiGate (60, 60M, 80C, 200A, 300A, 400A, 500A, 620B, 800, 3600)
WatchGuard o Huawei
Solaris 6 – 11
2. Operating System
Windows XP
Windows Server
Windows Vista
Windows 7
Windows Server 8
Windows 8
Windows 8.1
Windows 10
3. File Server
Windows File Server
Institutions and organizations that have the above-mentioned products in their inventory should apply the following controls:
Access controls
Access to the management ports of network devices should be restricted on the internal network (certain interfaces and IPs should be allowed) and access from the Internet should be blocked.
Access restrictions should be imposed on Windows devices from the Internet, and if access to services such as SMB and RDP is not required, it should be blocked.
Access to the internal network from the server network open to the internet windows hosting uk should be restricted, and domain structures should be kept separate. hillingdon grid webmail marketing services are available for business owners.
Software with Update Support
Security patches for products and services affected by published vulnerabilities or exploitation codes appear to be published. Although in exceptional cases, security patches are not released for older software or operating systems without support. Institutions are required to use software and operating systems that support the presence of information systems that are open to the internet, accessible to anyone or other systems on the network.
Password management
Simple and default passwords should be avoided on the server, end-user, and network devices.
Patch management
Security patches should be monitored on network devices and current firmware versions should be used.
Patch management platforms for Windows environments should be examined and security patches, especially weaknesses for remote code execution (eg MS17-010), should be implemented as soon as possible.
Antivirus usage
Attention should be paid to the use of current antivirus/antimalware in end users and servers. You need professional email hosting uk that matches your domain.
Note: Cyber ​​incident detection in the product families mentioned above; Control of possible seizures on network devices, server, and end-user computers can be provided as follows;
The following controls are recommended to detect possible leaks in network devices:
Network devises configuration files should be examined and possible anomalies should be identified by comparing them with backup files.
Trace records (self-log) on ​​network devices should be examined; possible anomalies should be detected in admin/system/root activities.
Processes in network devices and firewalls should be examined.
Is Doublepuls; This malware, which is published in Windows operating system exploitation codes to open an authorized back door on the system, can be controlled over the network. Scanning can be performed on the SMB and RDP ports of the leaked machine using the “Nmap” tool:
Https: // map. Org / doc / scripts / sub – double – pulsar – backdoor. HTML
Pandemic malware has been developed to spread to other devices on the internal network using file servers. This pest constitutes the following registry variable on Windows File Server, this record should be searched on the relevant servers. Check out the grid hosting review.