Which managing tools can you use?

It is overwhelming to watch your Instagram multiply from a few followers to over a million users. There is a reason why the numbers may increase in a few days based on your visuals and content. The need to understand what keeps your audience coming for more is the secret to healthy progress. Competition on this platform has increasingly won influencers who strive for attention. Therefore, overcrowding of users is evident, and for you to stand out, it requires commitment and consistency in posting high-quality and relevant content. Keep track of your daily postings by accessing some management apps on your phone. Some of these apps include Spark Post, SproutSocial, Inshot, Command for Instagram, VSCO, Snapseed, Iconosquare, and others. These apps will assist in designing, editing videos and images of your content. Also, they aid in creating appealing graphics and collages and monitor the health of your account.

How to identify and cut-off fake followers

Fake followers can mess your reputation and credibility, thus bring your business progress down. Fake Instagram accounts that are not necessarily created by people are a distraction to most users. They use them to spam comments and likes, while others benefit in boosting followers number. Fake followers will never engage in your posts and will drag you down. Often, they can get you in trouble of being banned and suspended. They make irrelevant and impersonal comments on your posts, or some may never like your captions at all. Real Instagram Followers are genuine and will motivate you towards establishing new opportunities. Identifying fake followers gives you a chance to do away with them altogether. Either use Instagram auditing tools to spot them or use your skills to detect them. A look at their followers will give you a clue of how genuine they are by calculating their engagement rate. Assess and evaluate their profiles and monitor their posts, which are mostly promotional, don’t` fit their bio, offer fake deals, and are made close together.

Best management practices for your Instagram Account

As a way of maintaining good engagement with your target audience, be on the lookout for some of the best upcoming practices to manage your brands. The Instagram app keeps discovering sale tools and new ways of designing, advertising and creating content. Below are some of the best practices to employ in managing your account:

Create engaging and relevant content that suits your target audience. Use color themes and visual effects to make your brands look unique.

Build your brand image by establishing a business profile that links to other social media networks like Facebook and Twitter.

Edit your Instagram bio that captures your description, what services and products you offer and the brand you deliver.

Manipulate geotags and hashtags that are relevant to your brands. It will help attract more followers to your feeds.

Maintain consistency and try to maintain a good rapport with your followers. You can achieve this by responding to their questions, listening to their opinions and considering their feedback about your brands.


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