Ever since it was added as a feature on Facebook, going live on this platform has had a positive outcome for businesses and individuals. When it comes to reaching fans organically, Facebook live will offer an unmatched experience. Your followers are more likely to see one of your live videos before any other content you posted, as the live video is highly prioritized by Facebook’s news feed algorithm. After you buy aged Facebook accounts, consider making Facebook live a part of your social media marketing strategy. The following are what you need to know before you go live on Facebook.

  • Prepare a Pre-show

Have a pre-show that will fill in the time in your live broadcast up to the start of your presentation. Your viewers will not show up right at the start of your broadcast, therefore, a pre-show that is an illustration of what they should expect will come in handy. Until a decent amount of people have joined your show, only then, should you jump into the ‘meat’ of your content. A countdown timer to get people ready and waiting can come in handy when it’s near the broadcast time. Also, you should get your viewers excited for the show to start by answering their comments and welcoming them to the broadcast.


  • Interact with your viewers

Facebook live videos are more of face-to-face interactions excluding the fact that you haven’t met them physically. Answer any question and respond to a fan’s comment, as it will make them feel appreciated to stick around and watch. Furthermore, it’s more engaging when you respond to your fans’. Acknowledging your viewers by greeting them by their name as they join will make them pumped up for the upcoming broadcast. Save questions for the end or create a break to answer them.

  • Have a direction or outline

Depending on the intent of your video, crafting an outline before you go live on Facebook is a good idea. When you are speaking your points, the live viewers should see points towards your goal, as the outline goes hand-in-hand with an objective in mind. Go over your talking points as outlined before you go live. Have a rough idea of examples you might include or specific points of what you want to say.

  • Set a goal

You don’t have the fanbase and gravitas to use Facebook live for casual purposes like bigger brands, celebrities, and influencers, therefore, focus on the time you’ll spend being live. Ask yourself how the broadcast will help you achieve your goal and what goal you’re trying to achieve with the video. Choose a results-driven and more specific objective than ‘brand awareness’ or ‘social engagement’. Other goals like sales, lead generation should be your primary goals. Plan your video with an objective in mind and present it at your level best.


Even after you buy aged Facebook accounts, never go live for the sake of going live. The above tips should guide you when you’re planning your next Facebook live video.