8 Reasons Why Bamboo Fabric is Better Than Cotton for Baby Clothes


Taking care of babies includes a lot of things, including looking after the kind of products and things that are suitable for the baby. This also includes things like clothing. Clothes made for babies should be soft, comfortable and should not irritate their skin due to normal wear. This is why the fabric from which a particular clothing is made is of importance. Choosing clothes made of better fabrics can eventually help in eradicating any irritation that might be caused to the baby due to their outfits.

Bamboo fabric has become a good choice for parents around the world who look for the  comfiest and safe clothes for their babies. Many baby clothing lines have started incorporating bamboo fabric in the clothes they sell, this also includes the Angel’s Face Girls which can be found on honeypiekids.com. But before trying bamboo fabric, parents might wonder why they should invest in them and if it would actually be better than just buying cotton clothes for their babies. Following are some of the reasons why bamboo fabric is considered better than cotton for baby clothing:

1. It is more absorbent than cotton


Cotton also absorbs water and sweat to an extent but the amount of absorption is comparatively lesser than a bamboo fabric. Their absorption is 40% more than that of cotton fabric and hence it is a great fabric choice for babies during the humid weather as it will help in the absorption of sweat and make the baby feel comfortable and cool in summers.

Napping newborns can get sweaty when sleeping, and even on cold days, wrapping the babies in layers can become stuffy, practically suffocating their skin. Bamboo fibre is superior to cotton because it keeps the kid dry and comfy throughout the day and night. Bamboo viscose absorbs perspiration better than cotton because of its incredible ability to draw moisture away from the body’s surface.

2. It is a heat-regulating fabric

Not only is bamboo fabric suitable for the hot summer days, it can also be beneficial in the winter seasons as it is a heat-regulating or thermo-regulating which means it adapts to the weather and makes one feel warmer in winters and cooler in summers.

3. It is naturally antibacterial


One of the unique factors of bamboo fabric is that it is antibacterial, this means that it does not get ridden with pesticides easily. This antibacterial quality is actually a natural property made of a bio-agent ‘Bamboo Kun’ hence it is a more healthy and safe alternative for babies. This also makes the fabric hypoallergenic. This is a beneficial feature of the plant that miraculously persists in its textile form, assisting in the killing of all bacteria and leaving the wearer feeling fresher, more sanitary, and odour-free for a longer period of time.

4. Provides protection from UV radiation unlike cotton

Cotton is a fabric that does not have any property that protects from the harmful UV rays of the sun, this can lead to sun burns and other skin issues especially in kids whose skin is very sensitive to such harmful sun rays. On the other hand, clothes made from bamboo fabric are a great alternative. This cloth is resistant to the sun’s harmful UV radiation and also has anti-bacterial characteristics. The bamboo cloth is coloured with UV-absorbing chemicals which makes it a perfect choice for baby’s clothing.

5. It is softer

Cotton clothes can sometimes be soft but can also be rough and difficult to manage especially after subsequent usage. On the other hand, bamboo fabric is actually much softer than simple cotton. A softer fabric can help in preventing rashes that are often caused in children due to harder and coarser fabrics. It will also keep the baby more comfortable and less irritable overall.

6. It is stronger

Even though bamboo fabric is softer than cotton fabric, it is still much stronger. This makes the fabric long lasting and less likely to tear from normal wearing. When properly maintained, it is three times stronger than cotton and hence lasts longer. This means that it is more durable and will retain its form and colour longer, even after numerous washing.

7. It is more breathable than cotton


Babies need to feel safe, and their clothing gives that protection. Bamboo clothing is extremely breathable, making it superior to cotton in this sense. Breathable infant garments are not merely useful in hot weather, as may appear. From the warmest summer days to the coldest winter nights, the infant will be kept cool, snug, and would never feel constrained in the clothing that they are wearing. When the baby’s garments are made of this material, any temperature is significantly more bearable.

Organic cotton works well, but the baby’s garments tend to stay damper for much longer, which should be avoided. To avoid chills, skin irritation, and general discomfort, one should opt for breathable bamboo baby apparel.

8. It is more sustainable

Those concerned about the protection and preservation of natural resources should be aware that the clothing one chooses for their infant has a significant impact on the planet’s well-being. Bamboo, unlike cotton, rarely has to be replanted because it shoots on its own. Bamboo, depending on the kind, can grow up to 4 feet in a single day, making it one of the fastest-growing plants on the planet. This is ten times the speed at which cotton grows. Moreover, bamboo is normally grown pesticide-free, whereas cotton grown in a non-organic way may require the use of fertilisers and chemical pesticides to survive and prosper.

Cotton requires two-thirds more water to grow than bamboo, which requires no irrigation. Cotton cannot grow without water, and the upkeep required to keep it flourishing requires even more water. This too makes bamboo more sustainable.



Bamboo fabric is beneficial in more ways than one, not just for the baby’s health and well-being but for the environment as a whole too. This makes it a great option for parents who are interested in keeping their babies comfortable while also being environmentally careful.