A professional pressure washing can help you obtain some outstanding results. It really becomes a source of happiness and satisfaction when you see all layers of dirt and debris washing away. At places where regular cleaning isn’t possible and maintenance falls now and then, it is only pressure washing that can be helpful in built-up grime. So, it is wise to take benefit from Pressure washing services.

When you are looking for some best cleaning companies, you may be finding services advertised as power washing, pressure washing, and soft washing. But if you don’t know the differences between these, you may make an inappropriate choice.

The two most common services that usually people go for are pressure washing and soft washing. Here we will discuss them briefly to differentiate the two types.

Pressure Washing

Pressure washing is an effective domestic solution to ensure the cleaning of different surfaces of the home. Pressure washers don’t make use of hot water. But create high pressures in the water stream that might be dangerous in other instances.

In this type of cleaning, water is ejected at an extremely high rate of pressure that it can potentially cut through a finger to the bone in a part of a second. Also, it can carve a pumpkin, or deform a fish.

This type of washing is best suitable for walking surfaces, decks, patio furniture, stone pathways, and other hardscapes. You can say that anything hard having deep grooves which allow dirt to get clogged is in a dire need of regular pressure washing.

It requires special care when pressure washing home sidings. It is really important to maintain an appropriate distance to avoid any wearing down vinyl sidings and wood shingles etc.

Soft Washing

One might assume that soft washing isn’t equally important for domestic cleaning as compared to pressure washing. Pressure washers are used to soft wash. The only difference comes in adjustment as for soft washing, pressure washers are modified to reduce the PSI or pressure per square inch.

For soft washing, they use less than 500 PSI for rinsing or cleaning purposes. For this purpose, the tip of the pressure washer is replaced with a wider one to allow wide sprays, thus lessening the point of pressure. On top of this, special cleaning solutions are used to break down dirt and living components on the surface.

It is ensured that these cleaning solutions aren’t harmful to the environment. Neither of these will strip protective coatings on your home’s exterior. Many situations require and prefer the soft washing method over the pressure washing. Soft washing is recommended for soft surfaces, such as Cedar shake siding, Wood panel siding, Outdoor rooted plants, Outdoor wood furniture, Stucco and coquina, Vinyl siding, Screens, enclosures, and lanais

Health Benefits of Professional Washing

Giving home or business a deep cleaning is of great aesthetic and health importance. As our health is affected by the long-term build-up of algae, mold, pollen, dirt, and decaying matter. These get accumulate in between cracks, around stones, and underneath sidings, and so forth.