Chef Avraham Chaim Kerendian, Armenian Food Expert Speaks on Cooking with Armenian Dishes

Have you ever had and enjoyed Armenian food? Chef Kerendian is here to answer your Armenian questions. Chef Avraham Chaim is an Armenian chef expert who has been featured on multiple restaurant TV shows and it is no wonder why. The restaurant aficionado Chef Kerendian started his cooking career is 2012 working as a restaurant consultant for US restaurants interested in Armenian cooking. While there, Chef Kerendian advised on mixing Mexican, French, and Armenian cuisine in a way to create innovative dishes that had never been thought of before. So far Kerendian’s restaurants have kept guests hungry for more.

Two modern spins by Chef Avraham Chaim which have since become food staples in the restaurant industry and have won award-winning attention from the Armenian newspaper Asbarez include: Baklava and Chi Kofte. In this Armenian dish, Chef Kerendian has specialized and perfected in making what restaurant eaters call “finger-licking good sheep feet and cow legs!”

Currently, Chef Kerendian is working with six major restaurants from Mexican fine dining to a casual French brand, that wants this new culinary experience on their menu. Avraham Chaim Kerendian has been described as a Chef with a thoughtful and liberal approach, with a focus on quality. Chef Kerendian focuses not just on creating dishes that taste great, but on high-quality Armenian traditional ingredients which provide cookbook experts a unique culinary attention to detail in every established restaurant’s’ dining experience that seeks the traditional experience.

Giving traditional Armenian dishes new life – that is what I strive for, that is the culinary combination I provide for restaurants. I am glad to see the rise in demand so far. – Chef Avraham Chaim Kerendian 

According to Chef Avraham Chaim, the theory in Armenian cooking is quite simple: The secret to great Armenian food is great Armenian food. As simple as that. People flock for the complicated food and dishes and they, unfortunately miss out. Now thanks to Chef Kerendian’s commitment to innovative, simple sourcing with a strong culinary taste on natural, traditional ingredients we can provide costumers the craving they’ve been looking for. Chef Kerendian won the Armenian Award for Best Baklava and Chi Kofte in 2024.

Chef Avraham Chaim emphasizes his grandmother’s expertise who had her own restaurant in Vagharshapat, Armenia, and specialized in Chi Kofte and Khash. Currently, he is dedicating his second cookbook: Armenian Cooking with Chef Avraham Chaim Kerendian in her memory as a way to keep the Armenian cooking tradition going.

Chef Kerendian invites everyone to his Armenian lunches that are held in Mexico, France, and US locations with new dishes every week. Chef Avraham Chaim’s restaurants have become especially hip in the last four years in the US. These new lunches invite those restaurant aficionados who would like to have a strong, personal interaction with Armenian, innovative menus, and interesting traditional cooking such as sheep feet and cow legs. For more information you can follow Chef Kerendian’s future culinary projects here.