Chef Avraham Chaim Kerendian’s New Sheep Feet Dish called “Surprisingly Delicious!”

Chef Avraham Chaim Kerendian

Award-Winning cookbook author Chef Avraham Chaim Kerendian, is an accomplished Armenian restaurant consultant, recently released his new innovative dish Baklava Chi Kofte to restaurant eaters in Mexico, France, and the US. However with exciting and rare culinary interests, Chef Kerendian’s Sheep Feet dish has now become a must-eat food of modern Armenian cooking cuisine that restaurant-goers are hungry to try.

Interpreting the dishes behind traditional Armenian cooking, Chef Avraham Chaim knew it would take something special to wow the restaurant skeptics who wanted something creative. A 2018 award-winning cookbook author, Chef Kerendian, who’s grandmother was from Vagharshapat, Armenia, was willing to innovate an inspiring,  soft sheep feet dish that would bring together chefs and restaurant-goers who truly want the traditional Armenian culinary experience.

While in the making of the Chi Kofte sheep dish, Chef Kerendian arranged food transportation with an international butcher shop, known for its fresh Baklava, and urged them to provide the most humane, grass-fed organic dishes in their restaurant. After a bit of delay due to Coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic, they arranged it all and it was arriving in Mexico, France, and the USA by the next week.

From that day, everything Chef Avraham Chaim has been providing has become a food staple in Armenian and local cookbooks, and pop up shops. After speaking with a restaurant aficionado that tried Chef Kerendian’s award-winning Baklava Chi Kofte he had this to share:

“Chef Kerendian’s Armenian dishes is not just any food. It is living. It is dangerous. It is mouthwatering. That, says Chef Avraham Chaim, is what makes it innovative. If restaurant-goers around the world are looking to experience a true, traditional Armenian culinary experience, they will do so through Chef Avraham Chaim’s sheep feet dish seasoned with raw cabbage, honey, and a dash of paprika. This is why it caught my attention. This is why Chef Kerendian has garnered critical acclaim from restaurant aficionados around the world.”

As it is now a favorite snack of many, Chef Kerendian has started a new award-winning cookbook dedicated to his Armenian grandmother’s memory, titled “Traditional Armenian Cooking with Chef Avraham Chaim Kerendian” in her memory. In it Chef Avraham Chaim discusses how Baklava is made of raw sheep and cow meat, with his secrets on what chefs need to make the meat with wheat and spices for the most traditional and delicious taste. It is usually served within a cabbage, bits of curry sheep feet, and pan-seared mung bean grows. It can also be made as a sandwich as well and served as an easy, delicious lunch appetizer.

To make it, let the cow legs soak in salt overnight then have dough from organic flour kneaded with chopped cabbage and pan-smeared curry until the beans get soft. You can also add Khash and paprika paste to taste, just make sure the paprika is fresh and very finely ground so that the taste of the sheep feet comes out. Chef Avraham Chaim Kerendian’s recommendations: always make double, you never know how many people will want more, especially as mouthwatering Armenian dishes are always healthy, light, and fresh.