Avail great Wifi Plans with Free Router starting from Rs. 799/- from Airtel

Wifi is one of the necessities these days for majority of the houses. If you also have a Work from Home set up, then Wifi certainly plays a vital role in your life. The challenge that is often faced by users is choosing the right Wifi plans and the Internet Service Provider (ISP). There are many internet providers in the market that it may get really perplexing to choose the one that can fulfill our requirements. If you have chosen the Airtel broadband service, you will not regret the decision. The seamless connectivity you will receive will enable you to keep working or binge watching those favourite TV series of yours smoothly. Let us check the Airtel internet plans available and figure out which one suits your needs.

  • Airtel Basic Plan: Priced at INR 799, Airtel Basic Plan offers up to 100 Mbps speed. The data limit for this plan is 150 GB. The additional benefits that one will get with this plan are access to Airtel Xstream and a free router. Even when the plan exhausts, users can add INR 299 to the plan and keep it working.
  • Entertainment Plan: Users, who want a little faster plan, can avail Entertainment Plan. The plan is available at INR 999 and will offer up to 200 Mbps speed to the users. The data limit is 300 GB. It indeed is an entertainment plan as users get additional benefits which include access to Airtel Xstream, Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Zee5 Premium. The free router is available with this plan as well.
  • Premium Plan: To avail this plan, users will have to pay INR 1499 every month. What they get is up to 300 Mbps speed and a data cap of 500 GB. The additional benefits that come with this plan include access to Airtel Xstream, Amazon Prime, Netflix, and Zee5 Premium. Users do not need to spend their money on router as it will come free of cost even with this plan.
  • VIP Plan: VIP Plan which is available at INR 3,999 is perfect for users who need to keep many of their devices connected to Wifi 24X7 and also require a very high speed. The most exciting thing about this plan is the 1 Gbps speed and data is unlimited. The added benefits are access to Airtel Xstream, Amazon Prime, Netflix, and Zee5 Premium. And the router is of course free with this plan as well.

The various wifi plans start from INR 799 and goes up to INR 3999. It is up to you to decide the one that suits your needs and even pocket size. Each one of these comes with its own benefits and free router. However, even if you take the Basic Plan and later think you should switch to any other Airtel Internet plan; you can do it without any interruption. All that you need to do is to give a call to the Airtel Customer Care service and discuss about your Airtel internet connection.