As we all know that instagram features has been highly programmed and automated. Instagram contains feature of auto comment, auto direct, auto follow plus, auto like, auto unfollow, auto direct message, auto story repost, and many other features. Some automation services of instagram are tough to keep away from users. It creates the self-reliance and consistency for the followers. The most advantageous thing is that they provide free services to new visitor as compare with other website which is so expensive. Client enjoys the tasty fruit for three day unbelievable free services. So in starting day client there is no need to submit ones bank account details or not need to pay any overcharges.

Secondly the rise up the facilities of client by providing personalized account manager to client which personally solves the issues of clients. The automated services boast up instagram account business gives a news achievement to your account.

The most preferable tool for auto follow bot are Instazood, Stellation-media(unique automation tool), Hashtag ,Ingramer, Follow Adder , Combin, Kicksta, Media Mister.


COST. The of instazood is is$9.99 of one month.

AUTOMATED ACTIVITY SPEED.  The speed setting is very well it make unlimited set of instagram.

VPN AND SET UP. Instazood has lack of vpn setup.

SECURITY.  Instazood has been identified as market place for customer services. Customer also satisfied with its services.

SIMILAR. Gramista is very similar with instazood.


 By using instazood we make our account safe because it reduce speed automatically that protect instagram limit so multiple use able to use it. It is also so friendly to our mobile health; one can manage their activities by their own self. It provides technical assistance so the query of client answered within 24 hours. Instazood make automatic to like, comment, follow and viewed stories to hashtag. Web browser directly provides its service so no need to download instazood.


It is related to organic growth so it offer capability and expert in industry which promote business by its engaged in social media it provide direct solotion.


Hashtag is powerfull way to make auto follower in your instagram account. It connect you to people, industries, brands by making account socialize.



By using services of ingramer so can run your account 2 times more fluent than other by which the rating of company starts to increase automatically? By using this instagram auto bot follower can make direct post, messages, like, comments, follows etc.


It is finest auto follow instagram bot. it gives new success to persons business by setup and manage its business automatically. So the rating increases and number of follower start increasing automatically. Window mac and linux needed for this bot.


If user want to increasing the marketing then combin seems to very helpful. It provides the facilities of direct communication. It connects to audience directly so you can easily to post any anytime without limit. It provides a automatic suggestion to client so that client adjust their activities for better result.


These both are auto follow instagram bot .they are most efficient automation tool. They from client from spam fake follower in short they are security guard of our account.