Attractions of Georgia and good car rental

If you like to visit the places with a medieval architecture, see the ancient castles, and other historical landmarks — Georgia would be the right country to visit. Here are many historical monuments which are worth seeing, but to reach the most interesting places, it is better to travel using your own car. If you are going to fly to Georgia, then the way out of the situation is to rent car in Tbilisi. I can suggest a good company – GSS Car Rental, as it has a great reputation with a lot of positive reviews. I use their services by myself and can say that its really great.  

You will just need to visit the official website of GSS Car Rental to book a vehicle including the delivery to the airport of Tbilisi option. GSS is also able to provide cars at the airports of Batumi and Kutaisi, if you are going to start your journey from these cities. You can have any type of the vehicles you might need, but in my opinion, a SUV will be the best choice, because most likely you will have to drive on roads without asphalt.

To hire a vehicle, you only need a driver’s license and passport. All cars in GSS are insured and have roadside support included in the price. This means that the company’s mechanic will repair the car in case of a malfunction wherever you are, or provide a replacement of the same type, if the problem cannot be fixed on the spot.

In addition to exploring Tbilisi, with a lot of its attractions, you can visit Mtskheta, which is about a 20-minute drive from the capital of Georgia. This town is the religious capital of the country, which many years ago was also the official capital. There are many ancient churches and monasteries here. It is the most significant religious place in Georgia, as Christianity in the country originates from here.

Another interesting attraction is Uplistsikhe — a 3 thousand-year-old cave city located about 100 km from Tbilisi. It has many different buildings connected by tunnels. At the top of the town is a church constructed in the 9th century.

Another attraction is the historical region of Svaneti in the center of the Caucasus Mountains. This region consists of some small villages, and the most attractive of them is Ushguli. This is one of the highest settlements in Europe, the road to it is not paved, so you will definitely need a well-prepared SUV. The villagers ride horses; the streets are covered with cobblestones. Being here, you will feel as if you are traveling back in time.