Atmospheric Water Generator Market is anticipated to generate significant revenues by 2023

Global Atmospheric Water Generator Market: Overview

Atmospheric water generation refers to the technique of obtaining water of various purity grades from the atmosphere. Atmospheric water generation has risen in demand rapidly in the last few years owing to the steady fall in the availability of fresh water.

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Atmospheric changes caused by global climate change have resulted in average temperatures rising all over the world, leading to a decline in the amount of fresh water available to humans for residential as well as industrial purposes. This is expected to continue in the coming years, with the per capita availability of water expected to drop steadily in the coming years. Rising awareness regarding the ill effects of these factors has helped boost the global atmospheric water generation market.

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Atmospheric water generation is primarily done in two ways: cooling condensation and wet desiccation. Of these, cooling condensation is by far the largest segment of the global atmospheric water generator market. Cooling condensation systems function by concentrating humid air and cooling it down to temperatures that turn the water vapor into dew. The ease of use of this system and its high efficiency have made it the preferred system in the global atmospheric water generator market.


On the other hand, wet desiccation atmospheric water generators utilize hygroscopic compounds to soak up water from the air, and then separate the water from the compound to acquire pure water. Various substances, including brine, reactive lithium halides, and silica gel, can be used in wet desiccation atmospheric water generators. Though demand for wet desiccation systems is rising, the global atmospheric water generator market is expected to be thoroughly dominated by the cooling condensation segment in the coming years.

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Global Atmospheric Water Generator Market: Drivers and Restraints

The major driver propelling the global atmospheric water generator market is the rising acknowledgment of the adverse effects of climate change on global availability of freshwater.

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Human activities, such as rapid industrialization and urbanization, have also had a part to play in the exacerbation of global climate change. As a result, several governments around the world have shown a keen interest in establishing atmospheric water generation infrastructure for both residential and commercial needs. The easy operation of atmospheric water generators and their high output ratio means that widespread residential application of atmospheric water generators is feasible, which could ameliorate the problem of water shortage significantly.

Despite the dominance of cooling condensation systems in the global atmospheric water generator market, the wet desiccation segment is expected to enjoy rising demand in the coming years. The major reason for this is that cooling condensation systems require high amounts of electricity, which can entail yet more damage to the environment in countries that haven’t yet utilized renewable sources to their full capacity. The lower power requirement of wet desiccation systems will thus propel the segment in the coming years, aided by R&D into improving the performance of substances used to soak up water. This remains a highly lucrative research avenue for players in the atmospheric water generator market.

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The preexisting utilization of water desalination as a useful means of acquiring water from the environment is a major restraint on the atmospheric water generator market. However, the cost advantage and higher efficiency of advanced atmospheric water generators will help the market for the latter overtake the water desalination market in the near future.

Global Atmospheric Water Generator Market: Regional Overview

The dynamic industrial sector in developing Asia Pacific countries, allied to the rampant urbanization seen in the region, has played a major part in propelling the global atmospheric water generator market. The rising need for fresh water will keep this regional market among the leaders in the global atmospheric water generator market. Along with Asia Pacific, the Middle East and Africa is also expected to emerge as a major player in the global market. The drastic water scarcity in this region and the high costs of establishing large-scale desalination plants will ensure steady demand for atmospheric water generation from this region.

Major players operating in the global atmospheric water generator market include Saisons Technocom Pvt. Ltd., Dew Point Manufacturing, WaterMaker India Pvt. Ltd., Island Sky Corporation, Atlantis Solar, Air2Water LLC, etc.