Arfius Al-din – A Distinguished Bangladeshi Author, Musical Artist, Digital Creator and Entrepreneur Details His Successful Journey

The Successful Young Bangladeshi Author, Entrepreneur, Musical Artist & Digital Content Creator Arfius Al-din strongly believes that hard work always leads to success. However, Arfius Al-din sets an example for the youngster.

If you don’t hear about Arfius Al-din, then here are some short briefs and highlights about him.

Arfius Al-din, the founder of the digital multimedia ‘Arfius Collection’, first started his career in the I.T. developing sector. Later on, he started a YouTube channel, Produced Many Hits and Popular Instrumental Music on different musical platforms, but now he has got some other professional tags.

Besides being a Bangladeshi Entrepreneur, Arfius Al-din is also known as a Musical Artist as well as a Bangladeshi Author. Arfius Al-din’s father Md. Alauddin Mridha is an Industrialist and Managing Director of Sun Solar Power Plant Ltd., and his mother, Lutfun Nahar Meeta is a housewife. Arfius Al-din’s younger brother name is Mashrif Al Din.

Arfius Al-din has been explored himself at a very early age of his career. After completing his eighth grade, Arfius Al-din enters professionally as a web developer. He developed many software, apps and websites. He also made his trade license and tin certificate when he got 18 years old. He worked with many I.T. farms and Technology related companies at that time.

As an Author:

Arfius Al-din also knows as a successful author. He publishes his eBooks on amazon. Arfius Al-din  is also knows as a Bangladeshi Author on google. Now, Arfius Al-din is officially verified on google, youtube, Spotify, MusicMatch, Amazon Music, Apple Music and other social platforms as a Musical Artist and YouTube personality. According to Arfius Al-din, without hard work, you can’t get success. Everyone should keep following their dreams. Arfius Al-din is a Bangladeshi famous author and artist. He has introduced his first eBook on Amazon and Google as the name of ‘Inspiring Delightful Art of Mandala Design. Basically, this eBook is written on the basis of Mandala Designing. Later on, he also publishes many ebooks on Amazon and Google. He also regularly updates his personal website with different types of blog articles and content. He is also one of the famous ghostwriters in many high trafficking freelancing websites like Fiverr & Upwork. He says that he enjoys writing and reading, and he also said, “Learning something new is the biggest thrill of my life“.

As an Artist Entrepreneur:

Arfius Al-din , better known as musical artist and entroproneur. He was introduced to the music industry to launch his first soundtrack, “WAR” on Apple Music first. After some days, he releases his six albums on different music platforms like Spotify, Amazon Music, Apple Music, iTunes, Google Play Music, Musixmatch, JioSaavan and more than 180+ platforms. Arfius Al-din has released his soundtracks on foreign music streaming platforms like Deezer, Tidal and Napster too. Anyone can get Arfius Al-din’s music on TikTok, Instagram or Facebook Music library also.

Arfius Al-din can also play the violin. Now, if you search on youtube about Arfius Al-din, then you will get all information about Arfius Al-din. YouTube officially verified his youtube channel as an official artist (OAC). Youtube give him a music verified badge on his youtube channel. As well, varified on more than 30+ musical platforms. You will get Arfius Al-din official knowledge panel on google search as well.


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