10 Step Process for Finalising the Interior Designer


If your answer is yes to the above question, this article will help you. Here are some pro tips which will clear your state of dilemma.

A designer to renovate your entire home or part of it is difficult to make choice but it is easy if you invest your time to know your requirements first.

Every individual will have a unique choice for their dream house to be. You should select the best interior designer to make your visualization into reality, as you are the one who will stay for a long time with the results.

The portfolios of the individual designer will help to find out the best designer. Just like an individual, your home should also deserve the best.

List out all designers who are best suitable for your plan and know who fits you the best. You can also ask your friends, family, colleagues for recommendations.

Websites like Houzz, and ElleDecor will also help you out. They will ask you to fill the form, select an appointment for a personal meeting with the designer, choose customized options, and timeline to complete the project.

Steps to select an interior designer


Step 1: Identify and know your style.

You should have an idea of what you want, take few minutes that you feel is important, make a note of it on a piece of paper like a modular kitchen or simple kitchen, focused lights, 3D design view, and many more. Websites can also help you for a better knowledge, or even designers will have their styles and professional records.

Step 2: know your interests

Everyone will have a dream to design their bedrooms according to their tastes. Some have a specific color choice, customized cupboards, wall arts, focus lights, and much more. You should make sure that the designer knows your preferences or else he may mess up with his choosy colors and everything.

Step 3: How big is your project?

If it is a renovation of a single room or whole house renovation? Single room renovation does not require an experienced designer, if it is whole house renovation, we need to select an experienced designer who has a scale of projects.

Step 4: Select the interior designer

You can ask your family members for any designer suggestions. The “rule of 3:1” which means take 3 designers from those select 1, who will stick out to you. You can also use The American Society of Interior Designers (ASID) website to select the professional interior.

Step 5: Personal interview with interior designer

Interview the chosen designers as every designer will have their style of designing, but he/she should have enough skills to design your style. Mention your requirements, and about the time plan. The interview is not only for the designer but, he will also ask the challenging questions that he wanted to know from your side, also prepare yourself for the interview.

Step 6: Note of comparison

The essential inputs provided by the designer can be used for the comparison. A tabular column of quality of work, budget for the whole contract, time plan, internal team, their previous contracts, pros and cons of the individual designer can be listed. This comparison helps in a better way of the selection process.

Step 7: Know your budget

The budget should be estimated and let the designer know your budget. Ask the designer how they are going to charge as they differ, per hour, for a piece of work, post-payment (contract based). The payment should be chosen or else the estimated budget will go up. Also, ask him for working hours. Ensure that you keep track of budget and timely payments.

Step 8: Communication

Too often or too rare communication will hamper the work. Be careful while communicating, don’t overfeed the designer, give him space where mutual trust works. It is better to give him advice. Discuss with the designer team, offer them a cup of tea or coffee, ask them how was there day, make them comfortable.

Step 9: Changes during the application

Any changes you want to make let the designer know with no hesitation. Here communication is everything, keep in touch which the engineer, and team, ask the designer for your involvement time. At last, see whether the design is what you have proposed.

Step 10: Positive acceptance

The designer has his style of implementation; they may over show their style on your proposed style. If you feel their way of implementation is fantastic, accept with positivity as they may feel an enhancement in a proposed design will look better. Maintaining good relations with the team will surprise you with a positive output.

So, if you decide to make your home look better, choose the most experienced interior designer.

According to Juan Montoya “A room should never allow the eye to settle in one place. It should smile at you and create fantasy”.