An extensive guide to messaging app development

Messaging App Development

Company or business process and its effectiveness mainly depend on the engagement of employee & their way of communication over the workplace.  For gaining this, the perfect solution is to develop a chat functionality based on real-time website development company New York which helps in creating a standalone app that has to exist with three subjects that can be defined as, have better functionality, messaging technical parts and the final touch, these features have to be an essential factor in social networking app development.   

Have better functionality

  1. Quick messaging

It has been known’s that messages’ contents are changed fast and small messages can deliver form one user within a small amount of time, so this is the main feature of messaging apps. This must include some features that are the status of delivery, unsend message, group chats, etc.

  1. Voice or video type messages

This app also allows the user for voice or video calls in case if the customer doesn’t want to type long messages.

  1. Voice or video type calls

Instead of talking with a single person, a user wants to contact with two or three people to save time, this app will help in group calls.

  1. Exchange of files

This app also provides a facility to exchange files like GIFs, documents, photos, etc. implementation of this feature helps the user to send multiple files over the same time.

  1. Editing of photos

The photos exchange is very common and the app has a functionality of photo editing. The social networking app development team helps in that designing 3D touch.

  1. Channels for public

Web app development team produces an effective functionality of public channels like bloggers & professional communities. These can be used to announce something publically.

  1. Social network integration

The integration of social networks is done by the team of social networking app development and web application development due to rapid registration and rapid sharing of files of the users.

Messaging technical parts

Protocols of communication

  1. XMPP

It is a very sophisticated protocol of XML. XMPP can be changed as per the requirements of projects. It is a secure and efficient push mechanism and exists with an end-to-end description.

  1. MQTT

MQTT is defined as a message queuing telemetry transport. Its protocol is based on data exchanging among servers or clients. MQTT mainly used to connect several devices based on IoT. It works on a protocol of TCP/IP which provides secure connections.

  1. WebSockets

It is modern security protocols that allow for the continuous exchange of bidirectional data among servers or clients. A connection is set up when the client-side request for data exchanging. In this data sent after reaching the server.

Programming language

  1. Golang

This seems to be a simple or statistic type fast programming language that contains native code compiles. Go supports the designing co-currency along with garbage collector. It has a wide community with several open-source type projects.

  1. Erlang

This seems to be functional or dynamic which performs a collection of garbage. This can be used by the end-to-end or back end users.

Storing the history of chats

It involves two practices in cloud and user’s smartphones. Data storing in the cloud refers to the availability of messages in case of device switching. Storing in a user’s device not require any type of cloud investments.

Details of implementation

  1. The architecture of the overall app

API seems to be the core of real-time messaging apps. It is responsible for connection establishment for event processing, media services, file storage, a cluster of a database, event processing, and database of time series.

  1. Flow of messages

Messages flow is starts when the sender sends a message from API node 1 through the load balancer and then participants chat list appear from a database and then transfer to queue wise from node 1 to node 2.

  1. Patterns of architecture

The pattern of the architecture of event sourcing which suits an app of messaging. It includes entity state with event logs, events database. It includes several users and events.

  1. Security

For security purposes, in case of connection of client-server, there is a use of TLS/SSL protocols, take back up, use throttling & rate limiting, use private storage for files, use private type network for the deployment of infrasture.

Final touches

Mobile payments

Chatbots also helps in transferred the money from the messaging app and implemented by name WeChat Pay. Different WeChat apps can be defined as the generation of QR CODE in which user can generate their QR codes and then merchant pay to them and another one is merchant generating their QR codes for goods. Another option is In-app payments in which a user can pay to another app that can be redirected by the initial app.


These are small applications that operate within a messaging app. The main functionality is performed by bots and provides the best solution to users and permits them to search for anything on YouTube.


Messaging applications also include stories or streams by Snapchat & Instagram. This type of functionality allows the user to share different data in exact time with various users.

Programming of natural language

This processing system allows the user to detect different languages and then convert this language in the form of human spoken. This can exist in several forms and also permit a user to analyze photos, GIFs, etc. There are different solutions for complicated issues that can be defined as Microsoft Azure-based Cognitive Services, IBM based Watson Speech, Apple-based Speech framework.

Wrap up

In present scenarios, messaging app popularity gets too high. Users can use special features of these apps along with ChatBots. These apps can be designed by social networking app development and web app development team in different locations. Mtoag is a mobile app development company which has expertise or well-skilled team that can help in designing several applications. Get in touch with us.