All you need to know before Visiting Saudi Arabia

Remember: Police aka Shurta is the only authority to ask you any legal document called MOI Iqama or the passport with stamped visa.

Saudi Arabia is implementing new rules and regulation to make things easy for the foreign tourist.

There is something that are really in offensive list and Ministry of Foreign Affairs, KSA has made it quite clear to understand to everyone visiting here.

Dress Modesty Rules in KSA

This is the main factor we are going to discuss here in this article.

Dress code for Men

Men can wear anything the local dress called Thob or any but it should look modest one. Normally, you will people in traditional pant shirt, Shalwar Kameez (Pakistani/Indian dress) other than the Saudi Thob.

Dress code for Men

Women needs to cover shoulder and the knees when in public area. Women are to must follow this and also can choose any kind of dress that can fulfil this.

What if I Break this Rule?

You may be fined in between SAR 50 – 6000. Normally, a person is well aware before coming to KSA as the rules are quite clear on the website and guidelines are there on the visa guides.

What about Music?

Yes, you can listen in your car but there are certain limitation that you need to respect the others and of course respect the prayer timing.

Can I take Photos?

Yes, you can take photos but you need to take permission from the person you are going to shoot for photo or the video.

Violators will be sent to jail and a heavy fine may be imposed that can be 2000 SAR at least.

What language is Spoken?

Arabic is the national language of Saudi Arabia but English is emerging really fast now a days. Hence, if you are good at English then you will not face any issue when communication with others.

Can I make Saudi Friends?

Yes, why not they are one the hospitable nation across the globe. But it is not like Girl Frined or boy friend type relationship.

What Religion do the follow?

Saudi Arabia is one of the most prominent Islamic country. Islam is the main religion but you can see expatriate living here with other religion like Hindu, Christians, Sikh, etc. But Israelis are not allowed like other nations are allowed yet.

Any other Penalty?

All the penalties are mentioned on their website but if you don’t find any thing related to what you are thinking of then forge it. If not mentioned then it may be allowed.

But somethings are quite easy to follow like Drinking alcohol is not allowed. Other than than you can not do anything immoral of course.

Wrapping it Up

One must need to visit Saudi Arabia once in life at least. Though Muslim from many countries across the globe visit Holy cities Makkah and Medina for the Hajj & Umrah. Saudi Arabia is making it more tourist friendly so that they can attract other religions.