All You Need To Know About Faxing From Mobile Phones


Some people might think that the method of faxing has worn out. Some people might have abandoned faxing due to its impractical and troublesome necessities. But what if I tell you that you can fax through the phone you use which is also your all-time companion. You wouldn’t believe it, right? But we will make you believe it with all the facts and figures we have gathered here. So tighten your seatbelts people, it’s going to be an interesting and full-of-surprises journey.

All you knew until now was that faxing is a troublesome way of communication and that it’s really hard to use the old method of faxing in this technological era. You’re only aware of the downsides that faxing has. But what you didn’t know was that the way of waxing has totally changed over the past few years and also that it has gone from being a difficult way to being one of the easiest ways to convey official documents.

There have been several changes done and makeovers done to make faxing better. And one of them is the way of ‘faxing through mobiles’. With the advent of cellphones, many systems shifted to cellphones for the sake of mobile users’ convenience. And so did faxing. You tiny little handsets are now capable of faxing, the process which was only done through big bulky fax machines a few years back.

Is Mobile Faxing possible?

Imagine if somebody told fax clients each one of those years back that one day they would have the option to send or get a fax from a minor gadget like a cell phone, everyone would think of him as a fool and no one would believe him right?

Truth be told, even today a great many people will in general doubt the possibility that it is conceivable. All things considered, fax chips away at electronic lines and the cell phone work in a digital way. So by what method can a cell phone convey a fax when they work on standards that differ from each other?

Well, the answer is simple. That could be done by utilizing the fax service that works online or fax application that lessens the work for individuals and does the interpretation from digitalized to electronic medium and the other way around. All things considered, here is the ideal fax service just available for you that helps you all the way through mobile faxing.

CocoFax – Mobile Faxing is Achievable and Easier-than-ever with it

CocoFax is a fax specialist that permits each and every individual to send or get fax through their cell phones. With CocoFax, you can fax from cell phone with the convenience that you never had before. It is one of the most famous fax providers with masses of clients all around the world. With such a huge client base, CocoFax ranks as the top fax service in the entire faxing world, no other service can compete it.

And when something is this good and notable, it ultimately catches the attention all around the world including big media companies. CocoFax has received appraisal from a lot of such big names like PC World, Forbes, and PCMag.

CocoFax is an independent application that you can run from your cell phone regardless of what working framework you use. Whether your mobile runs Android, iOS or any other operating system, CocoFax provides the best and finest faxing features that all other competitors in the market fail to provide.

What’s more, the objective client doesn’t have to have a CocoFax account. The fax you send from your telephone will go to whatever medium of faxing they are using even a fax machine, simply like any customary fax does.

Further, so as to offer more noteworthy types of assistance to the clients, CocoFax offers you an assortment of approaches to send or get a fax through your cell phone. You can get to know all of them at Google Fax Free. So why wait any further? Go and grab the one that suits you.

Part 1: Sending Fax through CocoFax Online Dashboard

CocoFax has a dashboard that opens without any need for downloading any kind of application, like in case of many other fax apps. All that is required for this objective is a cell phone that has an internet browser. What’s more, this isn’t simply restricted to sending a fax. The web dashboard additionally gathers the faxes that you have gotten.

Step 1: Go to your cellphone’s internet browser and visit CocoFax’s site. Here, you will found an alternative of ‘Get My Free Fax Number’. Click on this button to get a fax number that does not require even a cent. Fill in the data and pick your favored fax number. You will be given a great deal of choices. This is one of the best features that CocoFax offers.

Step 2: Once done, you will be taken to your dashboard. You are presently prepared to send and get the fax. Select on the choice of ‘Send Fax’.

You would now be able to make the Fax that you wish to send. In the ‘To’ field, enter the fax number of the individual who will get the fax. You can make an introductory letter for your fax in the body field underneath. The introductory letter comes as the primary page of the fax on the beneficiaries end. Here you can include any note you wish for the fax that you have sent to have at the top. Finally, you can attach the archive that you wish to fax. 

When all above things are done, hit on the ‘Send’ button. About the delivery status of your fax, you will be notified.

Accepting a Fax on Phone

Accepting a fax through CocoFax’s web application is significantly simpler than sending it. There is absolutely no need to be logged in all the time in order to get all your faxes. You can log in anytime in order to access the faxes you have received.

Once you are on the dashboard, select the tab that says ‘Inbox’. All the faxes that you have gotten will be available here. See, its as simple as getting a text message.  

Part 2: Sending Fax through CocoFax Email-to-fax service

CocoFax merges the solace of email with the old technique of fax. You would now be able to send fax just from your email id, be it Gmail, Yahoo email, or some other mailing administration. You can likewise get the faxes that you have gotten directly in your email inbox.

At the point when you send any fax through the email, CocoFax will make an interpretation of the fax file into something that a fax is able to understand. Notwithstanding, you should ensure that your email account is enlisted with CocoFax for this reason. Provide the email id that you want to use for faxing at the time of signing-up.

Here are the means to utilize email-to-fax feature that CocoFax offers directly from your telephone.

Fax Sending Procedure

Step 1: Register your email with CocoFax. You should ensure that you utilize the email ID that you will later on use to send faxes. You can enroll any email customer like Gmail, Yahoo mail, and so on.

Step 2: When your email ID is enrolled with CocoFax, open your email account and create a new mail. At the place where you write in the email recipient’s email i.e. the ‘To’ field, enter the fax number of the receiving person followed by ‘’.

You can likewise enter a message in the subject of the email. This content will show up as a note on the beneficiary’s side when he receives the fax. Further, on the off chance that you need to add an introductory letter to the fax, you can enter it in the email body.

In conclusion, you can join the document that you wish to fax alongside the email. Press on the ‘Send’ button. When you send the email, CocoFax will get it and decipher it as a fax to the objective machine.

You will get the fax conveyance affirmation in your email inbox, regardless of whether fax delivery was effective or not. It will likewise contain the log time on which the fax was sent.

Getting a Fax

Getting a fax through your email is simple in the event that you are utilizing CocoFax. First of all, you should make a CocoFax account on the off chance that you don’t have it.

When you have enlisted your email with your CocoFax account, you will get all the faxes that individuals send you on your fax number.


CocoFax has taken all the steps to ensure its customer’s safety and convenience and that could clearly be seen through this guide. But to see and experience this for yourself, you should head to CocoFax right now to start trouble-free faxing through your mobile phones.