Alexander “Alex” Ojjeh arrived in court Tuesday morning.

Alexander Ojjeh arrives for court in South Florida

Wearing a brown suit and no tie, Ojjeh arrived through the front entrance of the Miami Dade Court and stood in the dock for the entire hearing, which lasted just over 25 minutes before his trial was postponed until Oct 6. on the request of the prosecution.

The judge granted the extension, which was agreed to by Ojjehs’ defence so that the securities and exchange commission can complete their investigation into the Jun.14 deal that took place in Sudan under a wealth fund established by Sudan Government in 2010.

Ojjeh, staring straight ahead and with both of his hands in his pockets, spoke twice during the short appearance.

“Yes, your honour,” he said after being asked if he understood that he was released on the same conditions and he had to reappear in court on Oct. 6.

The prosecution warned “Judge there is a real danger allowing Mr Ojjeh to leave out of the county”, the judge turned to Alexander asking him if he was planning to leave the state … Ojjeh’s lawyer intervened saying “Ojjeh’s court order says he can’t leave the country if he leaves the state he shouldn’t be reprimanded.”

The motivation of the Nashville estate came into question after Mr Ojjeh was asked about the home, Ojjeh said he bought the Nashville house for his girlfriend, believing she needed a place to stay closer to the mall.

Ojjeh has said he nor his firm has been involved in illegal characteristics, believing he has been conducting normal investments creating legal returns. Prosecutors allege Ojjeh used his private investment company and his limited liability companies as an instrument to launder money and are accusing him of having involvement in several suspicious transitions and investments in which he and senior employees of Ao Asset paid bribes to high government officials.

Making his first public appearance since his hearing Sep 2 in the same court, Ojjeh stood confident for the proceedings and smiled at the cameras when leaving the building.

The prosecution warned “Ojjeh not only used his own capital but funds from which investors gave Ao Asset to fund transactions” reporting that even if Ojjeh or Frank had no idea bribes would be paid or illegal guns would be purchased, they are still liable for bribery and corrupt deals because of their executive positions.

Prosecutors didn’t outline which areas of the investigation were still ongoing but is has been nearly six months since the investigation first started. Alexander had to return to the states after he had been living in Lyon, France for three months. Apart from his home in France, Ojjeh travelled to Germany and the federal district subpoenaed Ojjeh to appear in U.S court. Ojjeh appeared and said he would comply with the federal district and cooperate during the federal investigation assuring that they had his full-on cooperation. Although Ojjeh did travel to Dubai for the business he did report the trip to authorities.