Air Conditioner Terminology – The Tech Terms You Need to Know

Air Condition

Are you planning to buy an air conditioner? If yes, then we bet that you have been through air conditioner buying guides. If you haven’t, or were left confused after reading through an air conditioner buying guide, this article is exactly for you. Here are a few words and phrases that you will need to know before making an informed choice with regards to buying an air conditioner.

Type of Air Conditioner:

Window ACs:

These air conditioners come in a single physical unit. As the name explains, these ACs are installed at the window of your room. They are the simplest type of ACs with all the components located inside a single box. They are cheap and easy to maintain.

Split ACs: These air conditioners have two components: one which is installed inside your room and the other one, which is installed outside your room. While they are usually more expensive than window ACs, they are also more silent and efficient. Some options like LG Air Conditioner also come with inverters, which can provide uninterrupted cooling despite a power cut.

Central ACs:

These are usually installed if a large area of a building needs to be air conditioned. While they are expensive to install, they actually prove much cheaper in the long run. They consist of a big outdoor unit, which dumps heat collected by multiple indoor units installed at various locations in the building.


Tonnage: This refers to the amount of heat removed by an air conditioner from the room/area. A 1 ton air conditioner removes 12,000 BTUs of heat in an hour. Popular options like LG Air Conditioners start at 0.75 tonnage, which are ideal for small rooms in your house.

Condenser: This is usually located in the outdoor unit of the AC, if it has one. This is the component that actually facilitates the removal of heat. The condenser is said to be the heart of your air conditioner.

Refrigerant: This is the substance used in the mechanism of heat transfer from one part of the AC to another. It is usually in a gaseous state at room temperature. If you want to get your AC serviced, it is likely that you will hear the word gas from your serviceman – it means that they are talking about the refrigerant.

Compressor: This is the component that increases the temperature of the refrigerant, so that the heat can be removed from the room and delivered to the condenser, which can then remove the heat from the air conditioning system, thereby cooling your room. After condensers, a compressor is usually the most expensive part of an AC.

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