Advances in bulk material handling technologies expand avenue in solid flow rate valve control market, construction sector replete with opportunities: TMR

Overview of Solid Flow Rate Valve Control Market

  • Global valuation of solid flow rate valve control marketto exceed US$ 2 BN mark by 2030-End, strides in flow metering technology to spur sales proceeds
  • Players focus on constant advancements in material handling technologies to target new application areas

Solid flow rate valve is used in bulk material sorting and handling in range of industries including food and beverages, chemicals, additive manufacturing, water treatment, and mining.

The technology is known variously as bulk solids valves control or bulk material valves control. Depending on the end-use and the type of the production layout, usually process layout method, adopted in industries, the type of solid flow rate valve for free-flowing bulk materials is chosen. The use of the valve technology in measuring and evaluating the flow rate usually ensures the consistency of size and quality of final products. This proposition is also a key factor driving the growth of the solid flow rate valve control market. Over the years, in urban spaces, solid flow rate valve control technology has been used in hoppers, bins, chutes, silos, and downspouts, helping the market players to gain from sales proceeds.

The rise in demand for bulk solid handling systems in construction and chemical sector will spur revenue generation for the solid flow rate valve control market. The global valuation of the market is expected to surpass US$ 2.2 Bn mark by 2030-end, garnering CAGR of 4.5% during 2020 – 2030.

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Key Findings of Solid Flow Rate Valve Control Market

  • Construction Industry to Heap Generous Revenue Prospects: Demand for solid flow rate control systems have been rising in the construction and building industry. The strides being made by the end-use industry has kept the market’s demand ebullient. Government-imposed lockdowns during the months of Covid-19 pandemic have severely impacted the demand in the construction sector. Many projects were stalled, and no new constructions were taken in the key economies of the world. Nevertheless, as the economic activity is resuming, the application of solid flow rate valve technology is expected to rise remarkably, thereby help the demands limp back to pre-pandemic levels.
  • Advances in flow metering technology improve efficiency: Industrial sectors increasingly seek energy efficient processes in bulk material handling processes in the process layout. This has propelled manufacturers to bring constant advances in flow metering technology. These technologies are better than their predecessors in terms of accuracy, ease of handling, and maintenance. Component manufacturers are increasingly tapping into revenue potential from the chemical industries.
  • Uptake in food and beverages industry driving prospects: Ceaseless progress made by food and beverages sector processes over the decades have also boosted the prospects in the solid flow rate valve control market. New bulk materials handling technologies are likely to witness a promising potential due to the emphasis on quality including the texture, shelf-life, taste, and stability.

Solid Flow Rate Valve Control Market: Key Driving Factors and Avenues

  • Strides being made in the process industries are key to rising deployment of metering technologies in bulk material handling
  • Relentless focus on quality of bulk materials being processed has helped end users seek better technologies
  • The emphasis on energy efficiency in industrial processes is a robust growth driver for opportunities in the solid flow rate valve control market

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Solid Flow Rate Valve Control Market: Regional Dynamics

  • On the global front, Southeast Asia has emerged as a remarkably lucrative region
  • A large chunk of revenues are expected to come from Singapore, Malaysia, the Philippines, Thailand, and Indonesia
  • The regional market has garnered sales from the vast uptake of sloid flow rate valves in the chemical and construction and infrastructure industries

Solid Flow Rate Valve Control Market: Competitive Dynamics

  • Parker Hannifin Corporation
  • XP Power
  • GEA Group Aktiengesellschaft
  • Coperion GmbH
  • Salina Vortex Corporation
  • Schenck Process India Private Ltd

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Companies in the Solid Flow Rate Valve Control market have increasingly shifted gears with wide application of digital technology across the continuum, from raw material sourcing to manufacturing to generation of final output, to warehousing to final distribution operations. Among the various affects, the market is witnessing new growth economics due to thinning of line between specialty and commodity businesses that are associated with the larger ecosystem. At the same time, new growth parameters are being vigorously being debated as industry stakeholders put greater emphasis on the circular economy processes.

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