Adam Lab Moisture Analyzers

Laboratory Equipment

We have the widest range of laboratory equipment and instruments for various industries and sectors such as food and beverages, water and environment, sugar and ethanol, pharmacy and cosmetics, microbiology and petro chemistry, soils, and plants, among others. We offer from magnetic stirrers, scientific microscopes, and determiners to shaker tables, and laboratory cameras from the best and most renowned brands worldwide.



Moisture Analyzers

Our Moisture Analyzers stand out for allowing users to manually open the door of the heating chamber for analysis. They are ideal for applications in biology, food, agriculture, pharmacy, textiles, dyes, and research industries for determining the moisture content in the test sample.


With simple operation and fast response time, Adamlab Moisture Analyzers offer superior value in their class. The automatic test adjustment feature allows easy retrieval of frequent tests of the same items without the need for additional user programming. USB and RS-232 interfaces provide connections to computers and printers to store test programs and results. No additional software is required to take readings, giving users complete freedom to collect data on a production floor or in the field. A single 400-watt halogen lamp heats samples in selectable 1 ° C increments. Three heating options give users the flexibility to customize test methods and temperature for different materials.


The fast response time and simple functionality of the Adamlab Moisture Analyzer are ideal for a range of different applications. The automatic test placement function allows you to quickly run multiple tests without additional access, and the built-in memories allow you to store data for future reference. The Adamlab offers ready features that have been developed to give you maximum performance in moisture analysis. Adam Equipment’s Moisture Analyzer sets a new standard in moisture analysis.

  • Integrated memories to store products and settings
  • 3 settings to heat samples: standard, fast and warm
  • Automatic test start when closing the lid
  • Date and Time
  • Full tare range
  • Zero adjustment
  • Quick and easy to configure on the numeric keypad
  • Multilanguage display
  • Large double backlit LCD screen
  • Capacity recorder
  • Adjustable non-slip leveling feet
  • Color Coated Numeric Keypad
  • Large stainless steel plate
  • Mounting for Kensington ™ Type Cable Locks
  • Overload protection
  • Approves water to protect against accidental spills
  • Bubble level
  • A 400V halogen lamp
  • RS232 and USB Interface
  • GLP prints
  • Calibration facilities for temperature and weight
  • AC adapter
  • Plate lifter for easy sample removal


  • Determination of humidity
  • Weighing