A world of prejudice

Health: balance between mind, body, and social environment

To speak of a good state of health, is to bear in mind that this consists of having a balance between the physical, mental and social state, not only includes the absence of a state or condition, which disables your ability to carry out daily activities. Currently, it is known that no human being is free from presenting some incapacitating mental illness or affectation, therefore it is necessary to have therapy services, guided by a mental health specialist, speak of doctors specialized in psychiatry, or psychologists; which through the conversation and implementation of activities, it will be possible to recognize each of the weaknesses it presents, correcting and strengthening the mentality of the person, thus achieving the ability to face problems.

A health system hit by racism

Currently most of the world is immersed in an environment full of prejudices, where the person is criticized for their tastes, skin color, and their way of thinking, which determines that many of the people who share a thought in common, they create groups that follow with the same interest and objectives, is the case of those that support the LGBTQ movement, Black Lives Matter, but within all this, we can also speak of a group of black therapists near me, who seek to provide support to those people who have suffered from these prejudices and have more of a person of the same skin color, and who share the same ideology, thus avoiding being judged. Returning to the issue, the racial and gender prejudices that exist in our society, the health system has not been acquitted of cases like this, therefore there may be denigration from the treating specialist towards the person who requires the services, or vice versa, making the recovery process hampered by the differences that exist between the two elements, it is also worth mentioning the difficulties that the population today has to have health services, due to how expensive they can be. treatments.

How to contact a therapist who does not judge you?

If you are interested in contacting a therapist, who allows you to talk, vent, help you to recognize your mistakes, correct them and help you to face the problems that life puts us day by day. It is important to mention that the population has private or public centers, which offer these services for free or paid, in the same way, therapists can attend virtually, or in person, either in a private office or at home, it is a question to look for such centers. In such case, if you do not know where to find them, because currently on the internet, there are several pages such as https://findblacktherapist.com/, in which you can get a variety of black therapists near me, who offer their service to solve any problem that is affecting your daily life, your environment and especially your family members. It is important to mention that in the presence of any condition that prevents you from continuing your daily life, it is best to always seek help from a specialist. Do not think twice.