Gaming Controller Market 2024 – Increasing Demand from Asia Pacific

Right from packaging to the assembly of gaming controllers, its parts are collected from various regions of the world. Hence, gaming console manufacturers are under scrutiny for spreading coronavirus (COVID-19) amongst individuals. Thus, companies in the gaming controller market are taking every precaution to ensure best hygiene practices during production and distribution of products. Since people have become habitual of the stay-at-home environment, the revenue of the gaming controller market is estimated to surge in the upcoming months.

Tech giants in the gaming industry such as Sony and Microsoft are eyeing the holiday season from October to December 2024 for product releases. However, the high prevalence of active COVID-19 cases in the U.S., Europe, India, and other countries has compelled customers to focus their expenditures on essential goods and services.

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Custom-made Balance Boards Gain Popularity as Hands-free Gaming Controllers

The gaming controller market is projected to advance at a favorable CAGR of ~7% during the assessment period. However, constantly evolving consumer trends are emerging as a challenge for manufacturers. Hence, companies in the gaming controller market are innovating in hands-free gaming controllers to address issues faced by users. They are increasing focus to produce custom-built balance boards and digital flooring solutions to introduce novelty in the market landscape. Such hands-free gaming solutions are acquiring popularity on cruise ships and entertainment zones in malls.

Custom-made balance boards are being highly publicized for keeping guests physically active by using their body as the key interaction element. However, manufacturers need to bear in mind other issues such as unpredictable sunlight conditions, height, and weight range of individuals to build custom-made balance boards.

Ergonomics Versus Price: What Will Lead to Increased Product Uptake?

Online news outlets have become the go-to destination for manufacturers in the gaming controller market to promote their products. The Scuf Prestige is no exception, and is gaining popularity for its matte black finish and grippy underside. Thus, manufacturers in the gaming controller market are investing in R&D to improve the ergonomics of products. Moreover, price and feature comparison between different ranges of products helps individuals make an informed decision.

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Diversifying Production Activities Allow Manufacturers to Capitalize on Changing Consumer Trends

The trend of voice-controlled gaming is emerging as a threat to the sales of controllers. Hence, gaming companies need to diversify their supply chains in voice-controlled as well as non-voice controlled solutions depending on the spending capacity of individuals. Moreover, voice-controlled gaming is still in its nascent stage and will take few more years to be commercialized as a mainstream trend.

The Intel’s RealSense gesture control technology is posing a stiff competition for manufacturers in the gaming controller market. Hence, manufacturers need to diversify their production and supply chains in both gaming controller and gesture control technology solutions to capitalize on incremental opportunities. Since gamers are always on the pry for novelty, companies in the gaming controller market should constantly innovate in their product offerings.

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