How to reduce the cost of Office supplies

No matter how big your business is, you probably do not want to pay too much for Office supplies, because in most companies you still have many more things to spend money on. At the same time, it is usually the case that one must have certain Office supplies, and there is not much that can be done. That is why we believe that many entrepreneurs are interested in knowing how to actually reduce the costs they have for Office supplies, and have therefore put together this list with suggestions on what you can do:


Shop in the same place every time

This means that you can get some kind of membership card or join a loyalty program, which can lead to discounted prices, and that you can take advantage of special promotional offers and the like. It is often free to become a regular customer or member of most Office supplies suppliers, so this does not cost you anything extra. However, in some cases you may be required to purchase a certain amount of Office supplies per quarter or year, in order to be eligible for the best deals.

Review your print

If you print with the highest possible print quality each time you print, you will be consuming an unnecessary amount of ink each time. Most modern printers have an ink-saving setting, which makes the prints certainly a little less sharp, but on the other hand, you may not need the best possible print quality every time you print something. If there are several printers in the office and you can change the settings on all of them, you can save a lot.

Buy compatible ink cartridges for your prints instead of original ink cartridges

Many times the compatible ink cartridges workat least as good, but they cost very much less, sometimes you can e.g. buy them for half the price of an original cartridge!

See what can be recycled and reused

Many times you can e.g. reuse paper that you have only printed a little on, and print on it again, and if you receive deliveries, boxes and packing materials, they can often be reused. Trying to reuse what you can is not only financially smart, it is also more environmentally friendly.

Buy Office supplies online

This is almost always cheaper than buying Office supplies locally, as online stores are usually incredibly good at pushing their prices in every way.

Gather your purchases so that you can buy large quantities at one and the same time

Then you can take advantage of quantity discounts and package offers of various kinds, which makes the purchase cheaper. In other words, do not go on and buy Office supplies regularly, but plan them so that you can always take advantage of volume discounts every time you shop, even if this means that you have to have a little longer foresight.

There are Office supplies that you cannot do without, but with little foresight and planning, you can actually save a substantial amount even on essentials.