A Detailed Overview of Custom Packaging:

Its 2023 and people are advancing towards an era of technology. Similarly, the packaging industry is also much advanced as compared to the old times. New technologies have been introduced which has revolutionized the world of custom packaging. So, today we will try to discuss all the pros and cons of custom packaging. In the United States, product boxes by dukepackaging are in great demand from the last few years.

What are Custom Packaging Boxes?

The boxes that are able to be customized in different styles, shapes, and sizes are known as custom packaging boxes. It means that you can give them any style, shape, and stock according to your requirements. Moreover, you can add options for offset printing on these items. For example, you can print the logo of your company, ingredients or any other information that you think is usable for your packaging items. This process is very smooth and in the next section, we will discuss its pros and cons.  


  • Provides you a new brand identity
  • They are economical in pricing, especially for the large order quantities
  • Can attract more customers towards your product
  • Available in a variety of options, stocks, and sizes


  • Can be a bit expensive as compared to pre-made or blank packaging
  • Manufacturing time can take a bit longer due to multiple processes

Complete Process of Offset Printing on the Boxes

First of all, you need to shortlist a few renowned packaging companies that are available in your area. In countries like United States, Australia, Canada, and the United Kingdom there is tough competition between the companies and they are offering high-quality products at economical pricing. So, first of all, select a packaging company for your needs that is willing to offer free design support too. This free design support saves your money and time. So, you don’t need to hire any designer for the creation of your artwork.

After finalizing a company, just see the box style chart or template. In this way, you will be able to see the final picture of the template of your packaging item. When the ox style is confirmed, the next step is the selection of stock for your item.

In the world of custom packaging, there is an array of choices related to the stocks. Most commonly used are cardboard, Kraft and corrugated stock. While for the luxury products packaging people select rigid stock most of the item. Please note that the rigid stock is expensive as compared to the other stock options and is recommended for the packaging of luxury products or gift items.

Now after selecting box style and stock, you have to work on the artwork that would be printed on the boxes. Just after the approval of the final artwork from your side, companies will start the printing process on your custom packaging. Offset printing on custom packaging can take 4-6 days. So, you should know about the expected turnaround time too. That is the complete process that we have tried to explain in some easy words. I hope it will help you a lot.