7 Tips to Use When Buying Dresses Online

Nowadays, the internet has taken over in almost all industries and the consumers love it. Who does not love the convenience of shopping from home and having their purchase delivered to their door? Most online shops are doing better than ever compared to the offline shops that are closing down. It could be due to the statistics that one of the five purchases done is made online, or for other reasons. Therefore, if you are not on, in this trend, you need to know how to shop for dresses and other outfits and get them in your right size and fit. In this article, you will learn about the tips to use when buying dresses online.

  1. Get recent body measurements 

Firstly, you must know your body measurements and accurate ones at that before you start shopping online. Either it is for a designer Lily Lulu Fashion dress or a trendy top among other outfits. All this has a listed size guide that you have to follow when shopping. Therefore, if you are not familiar with your size it is a challenge to get the right fit for you as you cannot fit the dress physically. Avoid guessing and approximating your size from a dress you got a while back, and get the most accurate and recent body measurements. This includes your bust, waist, and hips size to get a dress that fits perfectly.

2. Use labels on dresses you love

If you are a frequent online shopper of a certain fashion online shop. Check for a dress that you love from the particular shop and check the labels on the clothing to guide you as you shop. However, although you love that dress, you have to be sure that it fits well if you are following the labeled size guide to buying your recent dress. Also, since guides are not always different from other online fashion companies. You can use these measurements to buy from another company if their size listing looks similar.

3. Check out the sizing charts 

Using labels as discussed above is one way to get a fitting dress. However, sometimes this idea may not work accordingly. For that reason, if you are confident with the sizes that you took recently. Use them to check out the sizing charts to see if they have that dress in your size. This makes everything easier when you shop, and you will love the idea to shop online even more. The sizing chart is either next to the dress you want to purchase or after you click for details. Most companies’ offer one and it is rare to find one missing as this is part of your buying guide from their site.

4. Review their return policy 

Since it is not a guarantee that the dress you want to buy will fit. It is important to shop where returns are accepted as it gives you an option to return and exchange for a fitting size. This is one of the many challenges when shopping online, as some silhouettes and styles of certain dresses may not fit even with accurate measurements. Therefore, enquire and review through their policy agreements to know what to expect. Shops that offer returns after purchase are the best, as you can buy many dresses and try them at home. Although they offer a stipulated timeline before you return the garments, it is a better option than losing out altogether.

5. Consider the material

Before you add a dress to your cart you must consider its materials. Since you are not there to physically see and touch the material. It is important to know the material for each dress you plan to buy. More importantly, because some materials look attractive on the online display with the model wearing them there is still need to be cautious. However, after a few washes, it changes and loses its color, fitting and texture. Therefore, if you are unsure of the material, enquire to know what it is from the customer care page and this will help when choosing sizes. Also, remember that silk and cotton shrink in the dryer or wash.

6. Size up and tailor fit 

When you are not sure about the size and none is matching the sizes that you had written down. It is best to size up when buying dresses online. Buying a size too small limits what you can do to remedy the situation. Nonetheless, buying a dress that is a size bigger is easy to have it tailor-fit to your size. Therefore, it is best to have a few small and inexpensive alterations to make sure that your dress fits perfectly. Other than having one that is too small that you can only give out.

7. Use sizing Apps 

Sizing Apps are great additional help to make the shopping process easier. The more online clothing shopping sites emerge; the more Apps are made for various shopping reasons. One common App is; size charter, that helps you determine your size in various brands. More Apps are coming up and you can get to find out from other shoppers which are the best apps to help with sizing when you want to purchase a dress online. Also, various online reviews will help you know whether the dress you want in a particular store is just small, medium or large. This is helpful because other people have bought before and left a review on the same.

To conclude, buying a dress online is more of getting the right size as a dress that does not fit is not as beautiful and worthy of the purchase. All in all, buying the dress online is time-saving and a quick way to get a perfect dress for any event. Use the tips above to help you get the right size and fit. It is also important that you familiarize yourself with the sizing lingo used in most online stores to shop like a pro. For instance, misses and petite, is common, meaning a different fit, among others.