3D Printing Robots Market – Set To Record Exponential Growth

3D printing has witnessed almost limitless potential in manufacturing robots and their effectors. Robotic solutions providers have dotted the landscape of commercial 3D printing for long, constantly opening new avenues of automation in numerous manufacturing industries. Advances made in 3D engineering have expanded the possibilities further, unarguably. The use of robotics for 3D printing has opened an exciting paradigm and hopes to harness the profound potential of the additive manufacturing in diverse range of applications.

Wide range of tasks 3D printing accomplish may typically include repairing bridges, tunnels, and range of civic structures. The 3D printing robots market is also witnessing industry initiatives in developing and testing prototypes that can use these robots in hazardous environments with reliability and in hard-to-reach areas. Such applications in the market may include mobile robots that can venture into outer space or go into the deepest recessions of the ocean.

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Global 3D Printing Robots Market: Notable Developments

Transformation of novel concepts of 3D printing need research backed by massive funding. Various governments seeing the incredible potential in the 3D printing robots market have come to the forefront to aid the research community, especially in developed economies. The governments’ agencies have been forking out large sums to such research.

A recent case in point is $1.2 million grant from the National Science Foundation (NSF) for a multidisciplinary research by robotics expert at the NYU Tandon School of Engineering in New York. The team has embarked on a task of 3-D printers with autonomous systems, particularly on robotic arms. These thus become mobile arms controlled by algorithms in almost real-time. The researchers have utilized a concept called collective additive manufacturing (CAM) to make the prospective 3D printing robots do the printing work. Next-generation technologies in AI and machine learning help these robots to achieve the desired autonomy and control. The researchers are further working on real-time optimal control algorithms.

In August 2019, a team of Danish designers envisaged a roaming 3D robot that has the potential to repair environments at land, air, and even sea, such as in tackling coastline erosion and infrastructure deterioration. A number of other research initiatives have been taken recently by students in various parts of the world. All these underscore the fact that the printing robots market is apparently limitless.

Global 3D Printing Robots Market: Growth Dynamics

Growing numbers of use cases of 3D printing robots is a key trend bolstering the evolution of the market. Over the past few years, several industries have been engaged in development activities to harness the potential of additive manufacturing. Further, prominent research organizations are coming out with novel concepts that need prototyping. Efforts made by a few pioneers in testing these prototypes have unlocked a new potential in the 3D printing robots market.

Moreover, industry players are optimistic of collective additive manufacturing concept to expand the potential of several mobile 3D printing robots do their work concurrently. Such a technology can be used in printing large structures.

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The technologies in the 3D printing robots is largely niche at this stage. The 3D printing market is no doubt nascent. Several industry research efforts have realized the potential, thus proving a robust force in the evolution of the 3D printing robots market. Some of the key end-use industries seeking to gain a competitive edge are aerospace and defense, healthcare, consumer products, automotive, and construction. Of these, the application in the construction industry has been showing remarkable potential.

Global 3D Printing Robots Market: Regional Assessment

On the regional front, North America and Europe have shown remarkable potential. The growth is propelled by slew of research on exploring the use cases of 3D printing robots in industrial applications. Moreover, extensive research being made by various universities is also catalyzing the rapid expansion of these regional markets during 2019 – 2027. Further, the technological strides made by 3D printing in developing regions will make some of these into fast-emerging markets. An instance is Asia Pacific.

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