3 Easy Interior Design Ideas to Give Your Living Room a Makeover

Giving a proper makeover to your living room is like a cleansing routine which should be followed every now and then. If you are torn between choosing a minimalist tone to add to your living room or a vibrant one, we have got your covered.

This article specifies some designing ideas to keep the basic minimalism intact whilst splurging into a vibrant color or two.

Not sure what this means? Keep reading to find out more.

If you are living in Delhi temporarily and desperately want to give your living space a makeover, don’t worry. You can rent furniture in Delhi and the amount will be deducted either on a monthly basis, or a yearly basis depending on the time frame of your stay there.

So, here are a few designing ideas you can incorporate in the makeover that your living room is thirsty for:-

  1. Break the monotony with a pop-  Buying one color furniture, carpets, curtains and paint on the walls is too old school. Yes, of course, it is visually satisfying to all white or all grey furniture and matches the wall paint with it.

An all-white living room has been the focus of most successful businessmen and entrepreneurs because they preach that white is the color of success.

Moreover, it is suggested that you should paint the walls white and should buy light coloured furniture to allow enough light to enter your living room. A decluttered surrounding means a decluttered brain.

Although monotony is attractive, it can get a little boring. To increase the focus on your living room, add a bright orange or a bright yellow pillow on your couch among all the whiteness.

This will definitely give it a pop of color and break the monotony.

  1. Colourful wall-hanging- If you do not wish to break the monotony with pillows, you can do so with decorative wall-hanging.

Against a white or grey background, a tribal pattern wall hanging or a colorful painting will make the room look brighter and will make you focus more on the brightness of the painting. Not only this, but it will also help you to focus on the darker contrasts in the room.

A two-tone furniture setting will also look great with these wall hangings.

  1. Add pastel colors– Pastel colors are the new benchmark of sophisticated living space. Choose pastel colors in the shade beige and blue, or off white and pink to decorate your living room.

Make sure one of the two pastel shades is darker than the other. It will look flat if both the colors are light or both the colors are dark. Contrast colors invite more focus to the picture.

Add a flush of green by placing a plant in a glass vase to lighten up the mood.

You can also rent appliances in Delhi if you need along with the furniture.

However, it is equally important to maintain the makeover. Make sure you are decluttering the space every week and dusting and cleaning it every day.

The beauty will only last if you regularly maintain it. Hopefully, these recommendations have been successful in instilling a sense of taste in order for you to give your living room the makeover it deserves.