3 Best PC Cases to Use for Building Your Gaming Rig

Building your PC is a fun process, and it’s quite addicting for other people. When you are done selecting your motherboard, GPU, CPU, RAM, and other components, you might be wondering what PC case you should use. There’s no need to worry because this guide will help you decide with that.  So here are some of the best pc cases that you can use in building your gaming rig.

Thermaltake Versa C22 RGB ATX Mid-Tower Chassis

The Thermaltake Versa C22 is a gaming mid-tower case with RGB lights that can keep up the size of ATX motherboards. This gaming case may look slim, but the top and front panels are equipped with RGB LED Strips and an integrated controller for the RGB, that gives a variety of lighting effects like Blink, Breath and a Solid Color mode with 7 RGB color options. And lights can be seen from all angles which will look exceptional. The case also has a single pre-installed 120mm fan at the back. Additional fans can also be installed at the top and front of the case to have an additional airflow.


This RGB case can put up different CPU Coolers, up to 390mm high-quality graphics cards, and an AIO liquid cooling system with a 240mm radiators. The side panel is transparent so you can show off and see your fantastic rig, a drive installation that is tool-free, and detachable dust filters for easy and fast cleaning.

NZXT H500i Mid-Tower Gaming Case

NZXT H500i is an RGB compact mid-tower gaming case, the latest release among the NZXT cases. It has a touch of modernity yet has a look of a bit classy and stylish design that catches the eye. If for gaming purposes, H500i can make mid-range rig because the case has enough space.  It can even support motherboards the same size of ATX. It has two pre-installed fans, size of 120mm in length for each, located at the rear and top area. However, if you wish to have better airflow intake for cooling purposes, this PC case allows you to install another two 120mm fan in the front portion of the case. H500i case also has a variety of colors to choose: red, white, blue, and black.


This gaming PC case also accommodates CPU air coolers up until 165mm tall, 481mm long graphics cards, and up to 280mm radiators for water cooling systems. It is integrated with RGB and fan controller and also comes with two RGB strips inside the case. It is placed in the back of the cable management bar, and the other one is at the top. NZXT H500i side panel is equipped with tempered glass to better view the effects of the lighting coming from the RGB LED lights. Another notable feature is that cable management will not be complicated, and the case has dust-free filters.

Phanteks Enthoo Pro

If the topic is about PC cases, usually the brand Phanteks will not come into your mind. However, even if this brand is fresh in the market, they are pretty good at things for all first-time builder enthusiasts, making it less hassle. Enthoo Pro has been in the scene for a relatively long time. And some still love it because of its full-sized tower case. The brand manufacturers made the idea to pre-install cable management tie, and through that, the task of doing cable management comes easy.

The case already provides one 200mm in length fan located in the front and a 140mm fan in the rear area. It is quite enough to have a proper airflow intake. Nonetheless, the top panel can support up to 420mm size radiator. Overall, it is a good start to use Phankets Enthoo Pro to kick off your love for PC building.


Choosing your PC case is as important as picking the right processor or other computer components. Your case will determine the airflow and how everything fits in one place. If you have the best PC chassis, you don’t have to worry about overheating and upgrading the other parts in the future.