20 Time Management Tips To Boost Work Productivity In Your Business

Time management is the ability of professionals to use their work time productively and efficiently. It is one of those issues that most people try to deal with in everyday life, but still, sometimes they aren’t able to deliver the expected work on time. And at the end of the day, it becomes difficult to achieve enough productivity for the business. 

As per the recent research, time management is found as the biggest challenge to most of the professionals. If we talk about numbers, then only 10% of professionals are successful in managing their work time efficiently and complete their tasks on time.

It’s really disheartening for business owners who are expecting better work from their staff. But it doesn’t have to be that way.  Nowadays, we have the technological resources that could help us to track and manage work time efficiently.

In this article, we are going to show you some of the best time management tips considering which you can really contribute to boosting business productivity. 

1 Plan For Day Ahead:

Planning ahead of time can help you to serialize your tasks in an arranged way so that it would be easier for you to manage your work efficiently. In fact, many professionals believe that a bit of preparation can help them to work more efficiently.

We also suggest you plan for the tasks and projects which you need to work on in the future. For example, before starting your work on Monday morning, you can do some preparations on Sunday evening. This way, you can lift some of the pressure off your shoulder and work more efficiently without needing those extra cups of coffee.

2 Set Attainable Goals:

Before starting the work, you should set some prior goals for your business. However, make sure to target small and attainable goals first. By overcoming the attainable tasks, it would be easier for your workforce to adjust their focus and work diligently to achieve even bigger goals.

To make things easier, you can also divide a bigger project into small attainable tasks and assign them to your team members. It would help you to pull out the utmost potential from your team members to carry out any deadline project and tasks without any issues.

3 Prioritize Tasks That Matters:

At the beginning of the day, you should try to complete the tasks which seem more important for your business. This way, you and your team can give the fullest of the efforts to complete the essential tasks while later on, you can also give time to projects that are not on the top position of your priority checklist.

If you have some urgent tasks for which you have a limited deadline, then you should consider working on that on a prior basis. Instead of looking over the to-do list, you should start working on deadline projects to complete them as soon as possible. It will help you to uplift the work pressure from you and your team members. With efficient management of the urgent tasks, you can also improve the time management ability of your team and enhance the productivity of your business.

4 Follow Organizational System:

Having a good organizational system helps you to improve the workflow of your business. With a well defined organizational structure, it becomes easier for the management to have good control in the work progress among different departments of the company. It forms a structure that lets you efficiently command your workforce so that you and your team can accomplish deadline tasks and projects on time.

5 Group Similar Tasks Together

There are different techniques for managing the tasks to get done, but grouping is the best among them. Rather than just following your to-do list from top to bottom, take some time to review your entire list, pick the similar tasks, and group them. 

Instead of switching over different sets of tasks, you should try to focus on the projects that are similar in nature. It will help your team to make transitions smoother, and also, when you gain momentum while working on similar tasks, your speed will automatically increase.

6 Teamwork To Help Each Other:

Capitalizing on the collective team efforts of employees, you can accomplish better results for your business. As a matter of fact, you can also say that time management and teamwork approach work side by side. By enhancing team collaboration of your workforce, you can improve the production rate of your business. It will help you to manage your work time appropriately so that you could be able to complete each and every assigned task on time.

7 Remove Unnecessary Tasks From Your Checklist:

Create a comprehensive to-do list of tasks and cross out the ones that are not having any significant role to play in your business progress. In the busyness of various tasks and works, sometimes we get wrapped up in doing some unimportant things that don’t concern our business. So we should try to avoid spending time on such things that can slow down or hamper the production rate of our business.

8 Track Work Time:

Are you sure that your employees are working diligently and are productive during the working hours of your business? If not, then you should track the work-time hours of your employees.

Employee time tracking could help you to learn about the distractions your employees face during the working hours. Especially when you are working with a remote team, you can’t be able to monitor whether they are really working on the tasks given to them, or simply wasting time doing unproductive activities like gossiping, browsing social media or other anonymous apps which are not required to perform any tasks.

To overcome such problems in your organization, you can also invest in employee monitoring solutions like EmpMonitor. This Employee monitoring software has several features, which let you remotely track the productive work hours of each and every employee in your company.

It will also enable you to understand the real-time work activities of your employees to ensure they are loyal to their work.

9 Avoid Multitasking:

Instead of doing multiple things at a time, focusing on a single task can help you to achieve better results for your business. Expert professionals also believe that working on multiple tasks can be overbearing for employees. Because of that, employees can’t be able to show their full potential in their work. 

With multitasking, you and your team might be able to work on several projects at a time, but it can also result in causing some silly and minute operational mistakes. Ultimately, it would take more time and effort to fix those mistakes.

On the other hand, if your team concentrates and finishes their tasks one by one at a time, then they could comfortably reach their expected deadlines.

10 Don’t Get Caught In Details:

Perfectionism is a good quality that can help you perform better than your competitors. Although sometimes, you do not need to be a critic of every minute detail and try to focus on the overall bigger picture. That way, you can clear out most of the bulk work in a less frame of time. After completing the work, if you still have some time, then you can focus on the smaller details to improve work quality.

11 Remove Distraction Elements:

As we already know that work distractions aren’t easily avoidable. If you monitor the real-time activities of your employees, you will find that employees are taking breaks, attending calls, using social media, doing shopping, and text messaging during the business hours. These are the few distractive elements that are surely harming the productivity of your business. Therefore you should monitor and block such actions of your employees that are causing disruption in your workplace.

12 Try To Be Ahead of Deadlines:

Nothing can be more stressful than pending tasks on your to-do list. Even if you can get control of time, there are always chances of happening any incidents or mishaps that could cause delays in your work. That’s why most of the professionals try to finish their work as soon as possible so that they also prepare the upcoming projects. Being fully prepared gives the advantage of being ahead of deadlines, and would also help you boost confidence to deliver expected outcomes on time.

13 Learn To Say ‘NO’

Do not make space when your plate is already full. It means when you already have plenty of tasks and don’t have any spare time to work, then avoid taking extra projects. Even if you are a pleaser, you must learn to say no to the tasks which you can’t be able to finish on time. If you are busy with your work and have many tasks on your to-do list, then there is no need for more projects. As it will only increase the burden on your workforce.

14 Time Box Your Work

Time tracking could help you to learn about the time taken on a particular task. That means you know that your employee can do a certain job at ‘X’ amount of time. Based on that, you can create time boxes for each task in your business, as it will help you to categorize and plan out to complete the deadline tasks and projects as soon as possible. In a way, you can also say that by timeboxing the different tasks at your workplace, it would be easier for you and your team to manage productivity more efficiently.

15 Conduct Purposeful Meetings Only

Too many team meetings mean wastage of time and effort. Instead, it is better to conduct meetings only when you have to do it. Especially if you are hosting a team meeting with your employees, make sure to plan out everything before the date of the meeting. You can also use video conferencing tools like Zoom or Teamviewer to conduct a small meeting with your team, which takes much less time and effort compared to real face to face meetings.

16 Leave Buffer Time In-Between

After completing a task, having a 5 min break can help you to make yourself refreshed. And with a fresh mind, you can start working on new projects more efficiently. 

In the hectic busy work schedule, you don’t want to miss a single minute to waste. But strictly packing the work time closely together won’t help you or your team to reduce the work burden. It will put more pressure on your team, and they won’t be able to show their efforts to the fullest of their potential.

17 Delegate Your Work

Being a team leader, you have more work responsibility compared to other team members. While sometimes, you need to delegate a few responsibilities off your shoulder to give growth opportunities to other team members. That way, you can also focus on more important tasks and manage the workflow in your business more effortlessly.

18 Create Productive Habits

By productive habits, we mean that employees should be punctual in the workplace. Instead of using social media and doing chit chat, they should concentrate on their work. And try to diligently complete the deadlines on the expected date. To ensure productive work habits, you can also utilize the world-class productivity monitoring solutions like EmpMonitor, Workpuls, Teramind, to achieve the modern workplace utopia for your industry.

19 Sleep Tight

Staying up late working on projects can make you and your staff feel restless, and it is not good for health as well. In a way, it will also reduce work efficiency, while it’s not good to exhaust your team with too much work. If you want to have better consistency and smart work in your organization, make sure to give the proper rest time to your employees after completion of their work. Or you can also let them take small breaks or power nap sessions to reduce the work stress so that they can put their best effort into the work.

20 Health & Wellbeing

Healthy employees are always more productive.  In a study, we have found that people who eat healthily and do a regular exercise can work more efficiently. Such employees are punctual and productive, always ready to work on the given task and make sure to complete it on time. That’s the reason why many of the companies spend on staff wellness programs to ensure the health and wellbeing of their employees. Having a happy and healthy staff in the workplace can help you to be more efficient with time management so that you can generate more productive results for your business.

Wrapping Words;

These are 20 amazing time management tips that you can comply with your business to increase productivity in your workplace. Hope you like reading this article. If you have utilized the above tips in your business, then please tell us about your experience. We would love to hear your thoughts in the comments section given below.